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How to stay Mindful & practice Positive Thinking at Home?

Positive thinking is the new thing in trend these days.

The phrase ‘Home Sweet Home’ has been used widely and it has a simple meaning that our home must be a place where we feel comfortable, relaxed and at peace. Considering that most people spend the majority of their time at home, creating a positive environment is very important since it tends to affect our mood, productivity and wellbeing. Being at home or coming home after a busy day should be a relaxing experience, a place where you can focus on being more mindful and reflect on your day.

To assist your journey of creating a mindful and wellness-oriented environment at home, there are many products available at the MHT Store that can truly help embed these positive factors. Along with your home environment, these products can also be placed at your work station, offices, etc. Some products that you can begin your “wellness at home” experience with are-

Awareness Calendar – Profound Experience Of Living

This calendar can help in inculcating mindfulness and increase one’s awareness. It is made of naturally seasoned teak wood and has 8 mindful activities that are on adjustable wooden panels along with the date-month slabs. It is a beautiful piece with mindfulness elements as well which makes it a perfect fit to improve the wellness aspect through physical elements at home. The Awareness Calendar can be added to your work desk or dining table or even in your bedroom as a sweet reminder for mindful activities for self and family.

Chalkboard-Space To Express

Chalkboard is a great way to express yourself creatively and is a channel to keep communication alive amongst family members. It can be used by family members or colleagues at work to positively express themselves. It aims at channelling thoughts, emotions and feelings in a more optimistic direction. It also communicates one person’s positive thoughts to other people and impacts other people by helping them feel better as well. This elegant chalkboard made out of reclaimed teak that has hand-painted cherry buds on the wood comes with a chalk-holder and a set of colourful chalk.

Add this piece of mindfulness to your child’s room or the common space in your home where family members can share their positive thought of the day with rest of their family. It can also be added and used at your work station as place for self-affirmative reminders.

The Chalkboard is made of reclaimed teak, it comes complete with a chalk holder and a set of colourful chalks. The board can be placed or hung at a convenient place where all members of the family or colleagues at work can express themselves freely.

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Cushion Covers – Set of 5

These beautiful cushion covers are precisely handwoven and have positive and affirmative words on them. They are intended to bring a sense of tranquillity and harmony when they are around you and to see such optimistic words around you on these covers will truly boost your positivity throughout the day. As you see the affirming words, they shall remind you to practice them consciously!

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Aabhar Patra

The word “Aabhar” means gratitude and “Patra” means vessel. The Aabhar Paatra aims at helping individuals practise the skill of paying gratitude that has shown research-based in improving emotional, psychological as well as mental health. Giving thanks is the shortest way of feeling happier.

Chiselled out of naturally seasoned teak, Aabhar Patra has beautiful, laser-cut leaf designs on each of its sides. It comes with a jute bag containing multi-coloured handmade flowers. For each time you pay gratitude, take a flower in your palm and feel genuinely thankful. Gently place the flower in the Aabhar Patra, with utmost love and gratitude.

All family members can take out some time daily to feel and express gratitude. Besides finding newer reasons to be thankful, you can express your gratitude for the same things over and over again; such as being thankful for your sumptuous meals.

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The Now Cube – 6 Dimensions of Awareness

“Now” is the only time in our control. The Now Cube aims at bringing us back to the present moment. Being in “Now” is necessary as it brings in a sense of calmness, rexalation, enjoyment and fulfilment.

The Now Cube is a wooden dice made from Naturally Seasoned Teak Wood, with 6 simple and highly effective activities along with each number. These simple mindfulness-based activities develop skills for conscious living, self-awareness and positive thinking.

Locate the Now Cube at your bedside table or work desk. Every time you wish to take a small break, grab the cube, roll it and instantly do as it says – mindfully. With each number comes a unique activity that will help us focus on being in “Now”.

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Home décor and other physical objects kept within our homes tend to play a major role in increasing our positivity and maintaining our mental health as it can be calming, soothing or simply just make you smile and feel happier. Surrounding your home with things that inspire you and make you more optimistic is a great way to make your home a great place to be in. Though physical elements are not the only factor for a positive mindset , having these elements can help remind you to have a better outlook towards situations and this can make you feel better which in turn leads to a state of wellness.

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