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Activity List to do at home during COVID-19

Searching for activities to bond with your family, while being healthy and active during this exercise of staying at home? Switch off the gadgets and start the enjoyment with this rundown of simple, modest, and fun family activities.

  1. Cook all the new recipes
  2. Clean and organize activity
  3. Wash the pet
  4. Wash the car
  5. Read the books in your wishlist
  6. Play board games (Remember Ludo & Snakes n Ladder? )
  7. Play old-time games like Hopscotch & Tag
  8. Make a bird feeder
  9. Paint activity
  10. Paint a t-shirt
  11. Go creative with accessories (makes some jewellery with macaroni? )
  12. Practice tongue-twisters
  13. A Harry Potter marathon
  14. Try your hand at baking
  15. Make forts out of cardboard boxes
  16. Make slime activity
  17. Play Charades
  18. Binge on Netflix
  19. Practice Yoga and Meditation
  20. Try indoor gardening
  21. Make a time capsule
  22. Make a scrapbook activity
  23. Learn the morse code
  24. Take an online course and develop a new skill
  25. Have a paper plane racing competition
  26. Learn the penguin polka dance
  27. Revisit the 90s POGO cartoons
  28. Stargaze
  29. Make a finger painting
  30. Journal all these experiences!

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