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APPS to download to make passing time easier during COVID-19

Apps are the universal tool to help us pass time. With the outbreak of CoronaVirus, this has a difficult time for all of us. One day, we were all going about our usual routines, and suddenly, we are to stay at home with no social outings. This sudden change can leave us with a lot of free time and hence, we have come up with a list of mobile applications to help you with this transition, and just pass time 🙂

  1. Words With Friends

Up your English jargon and kill time at the same time. Words With Friends is a Scrabble-like word game that sets you in opposition to either your known companions or random people from the web. You get a set number of letters that you make words with, scoring extra focuses for arriving on specific tiles. There’s even a solo play option.

Download Words with Friends on Android/iOS
2. QuizUp

Attempt QuizUp if quiz games are more suited to your strengths. From arithmetic, financial aspects and history, to The Simpsons, Final Fantasy and big names, the QuizUp application is an enjoyment app with over a hundred topics and subjects to truly give your mind a short exercise. Challenge your friends or players from around the globe.

Download QuizUp on Android/iOS

3. Peak


Peak is a mind preparing application created by neuroscientists and gaming specialists to prepare and develop your cognitive abilities. There are more than 30 brisk games to work the mind, with algorithms to keep tabs on your progress. Include your friends and challenge them.

Download Peak on Android/iOS

4. Paperama


Kill time and get imaginative with Paperama, an origami application moving players to be skilful and precise with collapsing/folding papercraft, virtually. The 3D collapsing impact causes it to feel like you’re really f paper. There are more than 70 unique structures to ace, with an insight (hint) function to help you when you’re stuck.

Download Paperama on Android/iOS

5. Timberman

Timeberman is a retro arcade-style game with 8-piece designs that is both straightforward and goading. As the eponymous woodcutter, you have to cleave the tree, exchanging between either side of the trunk to abstain from falling branches. As you progress through the game, you can open unique characters like The Hulk. 

Download Timberman on Android/iOS

6. StumbleUpon

stumble upon

StumbleUpon is the application for individuals searching for something speedy to read. Simply let the application recognize what sort of themes you’re keen on, and StumbleUpon angles the Internet for articles, photographs, recordings and a wide range of substance matching with your input. 

Download StumbleUpon on Android/iOS

7. Snake VS Block

Snake VS Block

Snake Vs Block is one of the most used applications for time pass around the world. It is utilized by all age bunch from youths to office going individuals. This game is really simple to utilize you should simply to control the snake of balls into the blocks. You can attempt to break the same number of as blocks as possible. Get extra balls and make the greatest snake ever! There is an alternative to challenge your companions online also. 

Download Snake VS Block on Android/IOS

8. Word Bubbles!


Word Bubbles is for those individuals who might want to sit back and increase some English knowledge. Simple to utilize application and smooth structure with easy to use interface. For information nerds, this is the best time pass application. They can likewise push their friends to test their insight. With over 400 levels, one can really level up their game. This game is an ideal mix of brainteaser, word game, and puzzle. 

Download Word Bubbles! on Android/IOS

9. 9GAG


In the event that you are a carefree and a happy individual who cherishes stickers images/memes and so on, you may have unquestionably caught wind of 9Gag. This is one of the most mainstream time pass applications for stickers, images, gifs, entertaining pictures, memes and clever recordings.The best component of this application is 9gaggers. The clients of this application are called 9gaggers. You can connect with them and barter your memes with one another!

Download 9GAG on Android/IOS

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