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Dr. Srividya is an accomplished psychologist with over 15 years of experience that covers both academia and corporate. She is a career counsellor and an organizational psychologist. In her academic and consulting career in India and abroad, Srividya came across many students in the 15 to 25 years age group who were grappling with confusions of career and occupational choices. Often out of a cohort of hundreds of students, only a handful were interested in the subjects being taught. Most of them were just pursuing a degree and did not want to make a career in the field. This made the youth rather disheartened and disillusioned. Often, their parents would have invested and even taken loans to help them complete their education. Clearly, career counselling was a crying need – not just for the youth but their parents as well. Srividya’s approach to career counselling is based on her strengths and training in psychology. Rather than focussing only on which are the “hot” career options for today, she addresses the long term by focussing on what are the career motivators or occupational personality of the student or professional. She uses psychological tools to help assess the individual’s occupational leaning and thereafter guides them as to what could be their possible career choices. Apart from career counselling, Srividya is active in education, training, content development, research and consultancy. She has been associated with corporate organizations like NIIT, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ranbaxy, and universities like Delhi University, Amity University and James Cook University, Singapore as a consultant and lecturer. An alumnus of Delhi University, Dr. Srividya completed her doctorate in Psychology in 2010. She was a university topper in her undergraduate days. She resides in Noida and is the founder of LifeVidya consulting services where she provides career counselling and personal growth counselling services.


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    LifeVidya Consulting

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    PhD Psychology

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    Career Analyst, Organizational Change, Art Therapy, NLP

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    Children, Adolescents, Adults

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    Career Choice, Workplace Issues, Young Adult Issues

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    Online Consultation

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