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Ep. 02. Feeling Good by Dr.Burns

by MHT Podcasts

“Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy”: Buy Now

Feeling Good, a new mood therapy, is a self-help book that takes the approach of cognitive therapy. Dr.Burns, a practising psychiatrist from the United States, spends years of research and practice to pen down his techniques on cognitive therapy and how it can benefit a mass audience.

If you are someone dealing with depression, anxiety, criticism, negative thinking or other mood-related problems, then this is a book that can help you a long way.

Listening to this podcast can help you follow the book along with the host. This episode is devoted to working on cognitive distortions and how they can be rephrased or rationalized into uplifting our mood.

About MHT Bibliotherapy

Bibliotherapy is a therapeutic approach that can support good mental health. Reading can lead to normalizing the experience of a mental health issue along with expediting the treatment response. Taking this evidence into account, Mental Health Today has prepared a series of podcasts on bibliotherapy where books such novels, short stories, self-help books and mental health-related books are going to be covered. The aim of this podcasts is to support listeners and their mental health needs with the therapeutic benefits of bibliotherapy.

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