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Ep. 03. Boost Your Self-Esteem; Feeling Good by Dr.Burns

by MHT Podcast

“Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy”: Buy Now

Listening to this podcast can help you follow the book along with the host. This episode talks about the technique that can boost your self-esteem. Techniques are drawn by Dr Burns such as triple column technique, mental biofeedback and cope; don’t mope can be used by an individual to work on improving self-esteem.

Feeling Good, a new mood therapy, is a self-help book that takes the approach of cognitive therapy. Dr.Burns, a practising psychiatrist from the United States, spends years of research and practice to pen down his techniques on cognitive therapy and how it can benefit a mass audience.

If you are someone dealing with depression, anxiety, criticism, negative thinking or other mood-related problems, then this is a book that can help you a long way.

About MHT Bibliotherapy

Bibliotherapy is a therapeutic approach that can support good mental health. Reading can lead to normalizing the experience of a mental health issue along with expediting the treatment response. Taking this evidence into account, Mental Health Today has prepared a series of podcasts on bibliotherapy where books such novels, short stories, self-help books and mental health-related books are going to be covered. The aim of this podcasts is to support listeners and their mental health needs with the therapeutic benefits of bibliotherapy.

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