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How Positive Affirmations Can Help You ?


“ The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.”-Winston Churchill.

It is often said that we can trick ourselves into feeling better by smiling, however when it comes to changing our attitude for the better, optimism should not only be an occasional feeling, positivity should be inculcated in our minds almost like a habit. Monotonous negativity is nothing but damaging to our mental health and peace of mind, it affects our productivity, stress levels and much more.

Developing a positive state of mind may be difficult at first however positive affirmations can help change your perspective. A positive affirmation is simply stating certain helpful phrases or sentences that lifts your spirit and makes you feel better. It gives you hope for the future and improves your attitude towards the numerous possibilities that await you. 

These affirmations could be generic statements such as “I will choose to be happy”, “I will love myself”, “I believe in myself” or could be specific to you to boost your motivation for a particular day, event and or other personal statement. Using powerful statements that begin with ‘I am’, ‘I believe’, ‘I will’ and ‘I can’ can work in a beautiful manner as these push you to achieve your goals. 

Along with that, there are many products available right here at the MHT store that can help you with your positive affirmations. These products are specifically made to help motivate you to conquer what life holds. The following are a few products from their vast product line that will help you begin your journey of exploring and understanding positive affirmations : 

This journal is meant to record an everyday ‘I am’ statement, you can also positively reflect on the statements you made about yourself and bring out the most confident version of yourself.

This stitch kit is a perfect relaxing means of affirming with attention, faith and persuasion. This calming practice not only makes you feel better with a more optimistic vision but also gives you a beautiful finished product.

This pair of slabs made out of teak slabs that are beautifully designed have positive affirmations, one perfect for the workplace and the other for people who enjoy cooking. So place one in your house and one at your workstation and be surrounded by positivity throughout the day.

Affirmation Cards – Kindness

A deck of 10 beautiful cards with Affirmations to develop and strengthen the virtue of Kindness!


This perfect combination not only helps you work on positive affirmations but also helps you acknowledge and feel grateful for the people and things around you. The gratitude journal has a set of 5 questions for you every day so you can programme your mind to be optimistic and the affirmation journal has a set of 10 affirmations to write every day that will increase your belief in yourself and also has a list of different holistic affirmations for your overall well-being.

Explore many other products that will help you inculcate positivity, gratitude, mindfulness, self-love and self-care at the Mental Health Today India website where you can also find blogs, podcasts and live streams about improving mental health. 

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