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Kernel of Mind; An Ode to Mental Health | Joyee Gangopadhyay​ | MHT India

mind - mental health - mht india

Mind and Mental Health; what an enigma when looked at together!

Many times, we come across some creative expressions that pay homage to the field of mental health. In Spite of the increase in the new-age awareness that has been seen in the field of mental health, it is long away from being stigma-free. Individuals have been shunned away from society due to their mental illnesses, and as a far-reaching effect of the same, some of us are still apprehensive about visiting a psychologist or a psychiatrist with respect to our emotional needs.

Our mind requires equal, if not more, time and space to heal from the various stressors and triggers that are present all around us when compared to our actual physical bodies. Taking care of our physical health is not stigmatized or facing taboo, why should this be the case for our mental health and emotional wellbeing?

MHT India aims to revolutionize this very same thought process and we have some great minds that think alike, contributing to our cause. Here is an interesting poem that we came across. It successfully encompasses a lot about the board realm of mental health and also captures the mind of an individual who might be struggling with diagnosed or undiagnosed forms of mental illnesses.

This is a special edition in the MHT India resource pool where Ms. Joyee Gangopadhyay​ has penned down her thoughts about mental health in this poem, titled, Kernel of Mind.

mind - mental health - mht india
Picture Credits: Harvard Health Publishing

Kernel of Mind; An Ode to Mental Health by Ms. Joyee Gangopadhyay

The mind is in a mood for a long walk
With no happy faces around to talk

Self has started to believe that loneliness is supposed to be the new normal
Has having someone to talk to in this world become this formal?

A fear of sense of judgement has become so common​
From colour of the skin to the size of the lips is not forgotten​
Anxiety or depression can literally hit any skin, thin or thicker
Whoever rises above it, is no less than a winner

Salute to anyone dealing with bipolar or anorexia nervosa​
Excoriation is rough, strength to someone experiencing mania

Also, scarring can be a panic attack or any kind of phobia​
Be kind to people dealing with any kind of stress to schizophrenia​

This is a little tribute to someone going through any kind of struggle​
Requesting people around them to stop treating them like muggles.

By Ms. Joyee Gangopadhyay

MHT India supports all expressions towards mental health and wishes to encourage more individuals to come and share with us, what their perception of mental health looks like. If you wish to join our team and contribute to creating awareness about the same, send us an email at support@mentalhealthtoday.co.in or click here.

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Post Image Credits – Orange You Lucky, by Helen Dardik

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