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MHT Webinar: Our Mental Health ft. Haveesha & Jasmine | Sveekrti

About the Speaker- Ms.Haveesha Buddhdev

Ms.Haveesha Buddhdev, founder of Sveekrti is a counseling psychologist, REBT therapist and a special educator.
She is working as a School Psychologist for the past 2 years. Her expertise is in dealing with special needs children, training teachers, parents and other students to make a safe environment for everyone at school and home.
She practices part-time to provide counseling to adults for any adjustment, stress or emotional concerns and teaches special needs children. She wishes to reach out to as many as possible to encourage everyone to talk about their mental health.

About the Speaker- Ms.Jasmine S.K.

Ms.Jasmine S.K. is a counseling psychologist working with Sveekrti since its founding. She is a practising school psychologist for a year. She has completed her M.A. in Counselling Psychology from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, during which she has also worked with people dealing with addiction. Her expertise is to deal with children who have special needs and engage in various training for teachers, parents and students to build an inclusive school environment. She likes creatively reaching out to children and parents to give strategies that would help them adjust better to their environments and improve themselves.

About the Organization – SVEEKRTI

Sveekrti means self-acceptance. It is an initiative to spread mental health awareness through various means. It aims to provide the audience with self-help steps/guide to move towards better mental health by introducing them to psychological constructs in very simple terms using common examples of concerns faced by them. It also aims to provide a platform for people to reach out to talk about their mental health and take back skills to be self-sufficient.
Through Sveekrti we wish to reach out to people by conducting a series of webinars on relevant psychological topics along with step by step guidance of reaching self-acceptance.

MHT Webinar: Our Mental Health ft. Ms.Haveesha & Ms.Jasmine | Sveekrti

With all the uncertainty going around, are you keen to improve your “mental health”? This webinar by Ms.Haveesha Buddhdev and Ms.Jasmine S.K. provided some self-help therapeutic technique that can address many mental health-related as well as psychological issues. Techniques on managing unhelpful feelings, emotions and decluttering of some negative thoughts. Download some self-help worksheets that can help you regulate thoughts and emotions., reducing the feeling of anxiety, panic or fear.
Download Worksheets
Meditation Audio

About MHT Webinars

MHT Webinars is an online space where mental health professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists, researchers and scholars come together and address a particular issue or advancements in the field of mental health and even chat with the viewers through a live chatbox. Mental health experts in India, have been a part of this platform from the very beginning. From mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression and psychosis; psychological issues, such as self-esteem, confidence and resilience; as well as social issues such as workplace culture, women’s issues, and LGBT community issues have been all covered in the series of MHT webinars.

The platform aims at connecting professionals with people seeking help, vice-versa. An interactive discussion of approximately 1 hour provides the viewers with a comprehensive knowledge of that particular issues, therapeutic techniques that they can try at home and also contact details of the speaker of a particular webinar. 

The webinar is streamed every Sunday from 12 noon to 01:00 P.M. The recordings of MHT Webinars, along with short clips from the webinars, are also streamed at other media platforms:

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