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MHT Live | Periods. Let’s Talk | Mukty Mission ft. Ms Rashmi Saha | MHT

About the Speaker- Ms.Rashmi Saha

Ms. Saha, Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, TEDx Speaker and REX Karamveer Awardee, founded Mukty Mission in December 2017. She had been working, without rest, on spreading awareness on Menstrual Hygiene in the rural parts of Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Hyderabad, Assam & Delhi. Ms.Rashmi Saha has also been felicitated as “Padwoman ” by Dainik Bhaskar

About the Organisation- Mukty Mission

Mukty Mission is an initiative to spread freedom, awareness, and smiles. It aims to create better living for women and families and help them live with more dignity with tackling issues like menstrual hygiene and female mental health.

The first phase of Mukty Mission is dedicated to women’s health especially Menstrual Hygiene & Mental Health .Very common yet under-discussed issue in India, because of the cultural frame of the society. We intend and plan to work around these serious issues and help the society to open about Periods and Mental health and empower them in creating a better life .

We have started the movement in December 2017 and have big dreams to set our ladies free from the shackles created by society and lead them to freedom, one small step at a time.

MHT Live: Periods. Let’s Talk | Ms.Rashmi Saha | MHT

Unravel the evolution of stigma around the term “Periods” and discuss the importance of menstrual health as well as it’s link to mental health. Ms.Rashmi Saha has been associated with menstrual hygiene as well as mental health. In this MHT Live, various myths about menstrual health and hygiene have been busted. Moreover, Ms.Rashmi mentions how awareness, especially through media, has led to sociological upliftment as well as women empowerment. Moreover, Ms.Saha shares her work experience as an NLP Practitioner about periods and mental health.

About MHT Live

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