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PMS: Please make it stop!


Debilitating cramps, backaches, painful period diarrhoea and gas were apparently not enough. As many women will testify, not only is one week of the month stolen by these awful physical inflictions, but the universe decided to throw in PMS just for kicks!

PMS: Pre Menstrual Syndrome refers to the mood swings ( picture wrecking ball) a woman goes through, when it’s a week or two before her period.

The intensity and duration vary from woman to woman, with symptoms ranging from getting a little teary-eyed, to reaching an extremely depressive state of mind. These effects are caused due to the hormonal changes taking place in our body as part of the monthly cycle, in preparation for the perfect oven for a human bun.

Personally, I too was a non-believer during the earlier years of my life as a menstruating female, then almost out of nowhere I began feeling, not just immense physical pain during my periods, but the emotional torment of an unhappy uterus.

Two weeks or more before my period I tend to feel extremely unhappy, with zero motivation to do anything productive. I get so irritable- to an extent that even the kindest gestures towards me are met with snarkiness (at least in my head). The ridiculous part though is that no matter how many months of this crazy roller coaster ride I have experienced so far, I almost never realise: my bad mood is period induced!

Two weeks ago, in preparation for the shedding of my uterine lining, I found myself absolutely bawling after watching a dog video on Instagram. Why? Because the dog was so cute and it brought to my notice that I would never be able to adopt all the dogs in the world, and that made me sad!

So Ladies, if you feel like your uterus puts you into a chaotic trance at your time of the month, fear not! You are not alone and there are women all over the country experiencing the same emotional tidal waves.

As they say misery loves company so I have made a small list of things that I like to do to  moderate my PMS.

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  1. Wallow: I absolutely love crying when I’m on my period so I listen to sad music and watch my favourite sad movies. Granted it doesn’t take much to make me cry but if you too enjoy riding that sad wave check out The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Click here.
  2. Chocolate: Some of us get crazy cravings during our periods and me, being lactose intolerant (ugh right?!) stuffing my face with chocolate is normally not ideal. However, in my low mood, I let myself be a little indulgent and give in to that rich, sweet comfort.
  3. Playing dress-up: Each of us has our own style and dressing preference which is amazing! And for me wearing crazy bright makeup and my going out clothes makes me feel a little better and a lot fabulous!
  4. Hugs: Never underestimate the power of a good squeeze. During this pandemic, of course, a lot of us are isolated from human touch but for those with the luxury of company do indulge in some friendly cuddles. It helps a lot.

These are my tools for spending a little quality time, making Olga (aka my uterus- she seems like an Olga) happy and also, fighting pms. Do share some of your favourite coping mechanisms in the comments!

Remember that communication is very powerful. So if you find it difficult to be around other people at this trying time, you can let them know you are “pmsing” so they can give you space or be more sensitive to your feelings.

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