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Life Lessons from the Movie : The Sky is Pink | Media Review Podcast Ep. 11

Life Lessons from the Movie : The Sky is Pink | Media Review Podcast Ep. 9

The movie, The Sky is Pink, touches upon a very sensitive topic about life and death. There are many life lessons that can be drawn from the story of the movie. In this podcast episode, Ms. Seema Jaiswal talks about 5 life lessons that she imbibed from the movie: The Sky is Pink.

For those who haven’t watched this film yet,  a short background of the movie is also provided in this podcast episode. The movie stars Bollywood celebrities: Priyanka Chopra and Farhan Akhtar. They play a character of an Indian couple who is striving their hardest in terms of saving their daughter’s life from a terminal illness.

In their pursuit of treatment and medication for their daughter Aisha, they face many other obstacles that life had to offer: emotionally as well as financially. The major life lessons are drawn from these instances from the movie. Another fact of the movie The Sky is Pink is that it is based on a real life story of an Indian couple who did face the same difficulties.

Tune in to this episode to know about the 5 life lessons from the movie: The Sky is Pink. The Sky is Pink is currently streaming on Netflix. Do let us know in the comments below if you liked this particular review on the psychological perspective of The Sky is Pink by MHT India or if you view this movie in a different light.

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