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MHT Podcast | Psychology 101: Seven Factors that influence our Memory

by MHT Podcast | Psychology 101

Memory is one of the unique capabilities of human psychology and behaviour. The human brain can create a memory by storing new information or through reasoning and understanding. We have memories for everything; from the first time we went to school, or when we got graduated and even when had our first child. Much of these memories stay with us forever. While some fade or forgotten altogether.

Much research in this area has revealed information about the process memory formation, types of memory and also about what factors influence can influence our memory. Many research studies reveal various factors that can affect or influence our memory. This podcast episode explores specifically about seven factors that can influence our memory.

The first factor is “Serial Position Effect”. Some examples of how “Serial Position Effect” are shared in this podcast. The second factor is “Flashbulb Memory”, which as an emotional component associated with memory formation. The “von Restorff Effect” is an effect of unusual or novel stimuli or information that tend to again stimulate the formation of memory. The fourth and fifth factors are, ” Rehearsal” and “Level of Processing Effect”. The last two factors influencing memory are “Encoding Specificity Principle” and “Mnemonics”. These are seven common factors that can definitely influence our memory. Tune in to this podcast episode above to know more about them and how exactly they influence our attention.

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