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Power, Control and Uncertainty during COVID-19 by Ms. Rashna Elavia

By Ms. Rashna Elavia and MHT Podcasts

During this time of a pandemic that none of us anticipated, MHT observed an increase in stress and anxiety-related cases around the country. This time of uncertainty is creating a lot of unwanted thoughts in our minds.

Hence, to tackle this issue we contacted Ms Rashna Elavia, a clinical psychologist, and asked her to throw some light on the same. Listen to this podcast where she talks about basic human nature and one’s relationship with power and control.

Some activities and advice also discussed to help people adjust to this feeling of uncertainty and the extra time at hand amid lockdown.

As people, we often end up expending precious energy focusing on those things that are simply out of our influence. Instead, looking at the other side of this coin will enable you to make effective changes. Knowing how far our control stretches and that we’re not powerless in any situation is the first step to increasing personal effectiveness.

Whatever it is that you have gone through or are still in the throes of, I urge you to actively make a choice, to choose to see it as a glass-half-full situation. Let’s use this time to reflect on who we are.

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