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Some products to aid Autism Spectrum Disorder

This Autism Day, the MHT team decided to curate a list of best available products on Amazon to help parents navigate through this spectrum and help their children in all possible ways.

  • Generic Mesh Squishy Relieve Pressure Flash Grape Ball with Lights

A great Anti Stress Toy for ASD, ADHD children. Pressing this can help boys and girls, parents, caregivers and professionals calm down from highs of energy and function in the regular world.

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  • Photo Conversation Cards for Children with Autism and Asperger’s

Help children with autism or Aspergers learn how to understand and handle the nuances of social interactions and improve oral language skills. Use each photo card and its accompanying social/communication skills story to discuss specific social situations and possible actions or reactions by those involved. Includes an index of the topics on the back of the box for easy reference. Key Education products are intended to engage and educate young and special learners, as well as assist teachers in building a strong and developmentally appropriate curriculum for these children. 

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  • Clever Cubes Spotty Patterns

Skill Based Game to develop their Educational and Creative side of children with disabilities. Exposing them to the texture of the buttons and placing them in fixed patterns can help develop the necessary skills in overall development.

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  • Jeejex Hopping Bouncing Inflatable Hop Ball

This jumping Ball is the child’s favourite playmate! Your little ones will learn balance and coordination while riding on the Ball and having fun! 

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  • Generic Luminous Twine Winding Finger Twister

A great glowing twister stick to adhere to the child’s sensory needs. Known to relieve stress and reduce anxiety in children.

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  • KEERADS Fluffy Floam Slime

Non-toxic, No mess & 100% borax free, Safe to Knead, pinch and moulding any shape the child likes. The higher the temperature, the softer the Slime Clay. Great stress reliever for adults and children with Autism & ADHD.

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  • Aukfa Stress Relief Stretchy Sensory Toys

Stretchy Strings are fidget toys for adults and children that help calm stress and anxiety by providing a fun outlet for restless hands and fidgeting. These latex-free sensory noodles are calming and fun to stretch, wrap, squeeze, squish and pull them into any shape. Not only will these anxiety relief toys satisfy your fidgety, sensory-seeking needs, but you can also pull it, twirl it, fling it and squish them into shape. It stretches out and then snaps back to its original shape with ease.

Each Stretchy String is the perfect toy for sensory and tactile stimulation, can be used as ADHD fidget toys, autism sensory toys or fidget toys stress and anxiety. Autistic toys for boys and girls help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress and can increase focus and attention.

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  • Kidz Valle Ring Stacker

Multicolor Ring Stacker is an amusing toy that will teach your child sorting and develop his/her motor skills. This toy helps to develop counting skills and cognitive skills in the child. This is one of the best toys for growing kids with disabilities. 

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  • Webby Premium Wooden Vegetables Educational Puzzle

Focused on skill development: while solving the puzzles, the children develop problem-solving skills, object recognition and memory building skills. A great tool to have handy.

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  • CraftDev Wooden Intellectual Geometric Shape Matching Five Column Blocks

Mainly focused on the child’s fine motor skills development: the pegboard stacker set is great for building fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, develop and strengthen visual perception skills, visual-motor coordination. The size makes them ideal for occupational therapy toys for children with disabilities.

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Know more about these products by clicking here and listening to this podcast on the same.

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