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Relationships and COVID-19

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Every single sentimental/romantic relationship experiences good and bad times and they all take work, responsibility, and an eagerness to adjust and change with your better half. 

Especially during these uncertain times driven by the pandemic COVID-19, relationships can get seriously affected by these adaptations that are needed on both, personal and couple levels. In any case, regardless of whether your relationship is simply beginning or you’ve been as one for quite a long time, there are steps you can take to assemble a solid relationship. 

  1. Communicate

Communication can solve a lot of irrelevant quarrels between couples. Communicating exactly how you are feeling and how a particular instance is affecting you emotionally, can help you build understanding with your partner as well as understand their psyche. Click here for some effective communication ideas.

  1. Set time aside for couple-activities

Love grows. And it grows with time and understanding. During this forced lockdown, you have a great opportunity to work on your bond with your partner and work towards it getting stronger. Keeping aside an hour or two in a day, just for an activity with your partner can be a great way for this purpose. Some examples of the couple-friendly activities can include taking an online dance class, playing board games, working out together, watching movies together or simply sitting and sharing your feelings. 

  1. Divide household chores

Maintaining a home is no easy task and the responsibility of which should be equally divided. Gone are the days when only one person was doing all things possible around the house. Try to make equal division; you cook, the partner does the dishes, you do laundry, the partner takes them out of the dryer and stacks them! You can also find creative ways to make these mundane tasks exciting.

  1. Give space for ‘Me Time’

‘Me Time’ is extremely important for each person. A time when one can just unwind, relax and do whatever they want, without any judgements. Set aside an hour or two each day for unwinding. Both of you can read, meditate, watch TV or even sleep, whatever helps you relax without any interference. Practice this and you’ll definitely start valuing your partner better.

  1. Understand that things will get rocky and aim to be each others support system

It’ll not always be rainbows and sunshine. This pandemic is a great example that things might not always go as planned. Being practical and logical about the changes happening and aiming to get through the whole situation together instead of fighting against each other can be the best way to go about it.

  1. Don’t drag past instances into present

Past is called ‘past’ for a reason. It’s gone and dusted. Keeping it alive in your thoughts or in your present arguments will benefit no one. Aim at solving any dilemmas the time they happen and move ahead together as a team. This way, there will be no old ghosts waiting to make an appearance in the present-day fight!

  1. Be open to flexibility

It’s a given that the plan, both long term and short term, will face various bumps on the road and on many occasions, you might also have to take a u-turn. It’ll help to be open to some flexibility and to face these turns like a solid team, together. 

  1. Indulge in trust-building activities

One of the most important feelings that separate the couple from the rest of the world is trust. Trust in one another, trust in both of you together as a couple and trust in each others decisions. Hence, incorporating some trust-building activities in your daily chores can help build on this. Some examples of such activities can be found here.

  1. Consciously try to practice Acceptance

Accepting your partner the way they are can help your relationship in tremendous ways. The more you accept, the more comfort seeps in as then you both are not afraid to show your real self to one another. Also, accepting that your partner might be going through some difficult time adjusting to this pandemic related changes and in turn, you going out of the way to help them adapt can be a boon for your relationship. An extra-long hug, a foot massage and maybe a dinner with one’s favourite foods will hurt no one :p

  1. Consider Couples Therapy or Relationship Counseling

Like all other forms of counselling, Couples therapy can help you put things into perspective and also understand your partner and their needs better. Trying relationship counselling can be a great asset to you both, both together and as individuals. MHT Directory offers some great portals that can help you with online couple counselling sessions to make use of this lockdown situation and come out of it as a stronger couple.

Do let me know if you tried any of these ways or if there are any other ways which you practice to make your relationship stronger in the comments below 🙂


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