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End The Mental Stigma – Interviews of Mentally ill people and Caregivers: Mental illness and Intelligence are two different things.

This book is not just an ordinary book, it’s an acknowledgement and voice for people who are suffering from mental illness. Conducting interviews and forming these into a book was a very big decision for me. We often try to hide the truth but only when it is seen and shared, does it sometimes give a true sense of understanding. I was not planning to publish the interviews myself, I wanted to release the information in an academic setting but I decided to make the interviews public, so that everyone can understand what and how some mentally disordered people feel and act. Mentally disordered people and mentally reatrded people are two different terms with different understanding.

Caregivers are often an important part of the lives of mentally disordered people and also face many challenges because they are often not well equipped to handle a mental illness. More education and awareness is required across the community to better understand and help people living with a mental health issue.
This book is a guide for understanding the feelings and needs of those of us living with mental illness.

‘Something better is always possible, if you are willing to work for it and fight for it’- Michelle Obama

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