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The Mental Health Care Box

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We are always striving towards something or the other and in that process we feel we are missing out on everything else. Chasing targets at work translates to compromising time with family. Need a promotion? Say goodbye to your social life.

We have to make a choice between saving for a secure future and living comfortably in the present. Our logic and emotions seem to be pulling us in different directions. We are always in the dilemma of having to choose between what our brain rationalizes and what our heart wants. What if there could be a balance between everything? What if you can enjoy both sides without compromising on any? Creating just the right balance is an art, it’s a skill, it’s Lagom! That’s exactly the intention behind the Mental Health Care Box. To help those that are looking to create this balance in their life and experience higher levels of satisfaction, meaning, purpose and happiness!

September 2020 – Colours of Happiness

Happiness is a skill that can be learned and developed. As cliche as it may sound, happiness is innate. We forget that when we get dependent on external factors – people, things, situations. We think achieving our goals, being with certain people, buying certain things will make us happy. But in fact, it’s the other way round. When we feel happy, we can achieve our goals more easily, surround ourselves with the best people and all of it also leads to better satisfaction and fulfilment. The intention behind this box is to help you develop this skill of being happy, finding joy in the little things and meaning in the big ones!

What’s In The Box?

  1. A Letter from me to you
  2. A commitment card towards yourself to create your own happiness. Sign it and Own It!
  3. A prescription of 1 activity a day in the activity jar. These are based in positive psychology and use the principles of Life Coaching
  4. A deck of 10 pocket sized affirmation cards. You can choose the ones that resonate the most with you and practice by writing 21 times everyday or meditating over it. You can carry them with you or put them up where you see them frequently.
  5. Happiness Coupons for you to distribute to your friends or family and they can redeem it whenever they like! It’s a quick and random boost of happiness in your day
  6. Happiness Advantage – A book by Shawn Achor, giving practical and easy to implement actions by creating a shift in the thought patterns
  7. Handmade journal for you to write all your thoughts, feelings and experiences and use it as a tool for self reflection
  8. A doodle t-shirt depicting the little things that bring happiness in our lives!
  9. What happiness box is complete without chocolates?! Homemade dark chocolates with surprise flavours to boost your happy hormones!
  10. An Invite for an exclusive workshop by Parichay.
  11. A recipe card by A Diabetic Chef
  12. A Playlist curated by everyone at Team Parichay of their happy songs. You can add and share yours too!

Limited Boxes!

2 reviews for The Mental Health Care Box

  1. Rajika Mehra

    This box really helped me! A great asset to buy!

  2. radhika

    This box makes me feel happy!!

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