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Habit Journal | Humanhood

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The Habit Journal will help an individual select and track good habits in the most important aspects of their life.

You can only change your life when you change something you do daily. All big things come from small beginnings and every habit you choose is a single, tiny decision you make towards your personal development. Your life is a habit, rather a succession of habits.

Our Habit Journal will help you suggest, pick and track different habits in the most important areas of your life every month. This journal has it all, from picking to selecting to reviewing every habit you choose to build. You shall build 60 new habits by the end of month 12. Our journal is easy to follow and aesthetically designed specially for you.

Life skills you will develop through this journal:

Lasts for a year
100 gsm paper
56 printed pages
Size: 6’x8.5′
Sewn Binding

4 reviews for Habit Journal | Humanhood

  1. Sneha

    amazing journal

  2. Akriti

    Nice journal

  3. Rajat

    This is a nice journal.. will recommend it further to people who are working on habits

  4. Rekha

    Amazing Journal… I use it every day and can observe how it is bringing a positive change in men

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