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Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

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Our Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is 100% THC free and contains all helpful plant extracts, terpenes and cannabinoids. We use superior extraction and growing methods, organic carrier oil, and all natural flavours.

Qurist believes in bringing to every home natural, wellness solutions that inspire and high efficacy, bioavailable CBD formulations, curated with passion.
Our products use state of the art extraction processes coupled with only the best growing practices to ensure that we safely deliver effective results.
Not every CBD product is created equal. Our certifications show you why:
Pet Friendly
Gluten Free
Halal certified
Third Party tested
Quality Tested and sanitised before delivery
Ethically sourced
100% THC free
No Harsh Solvents
American Farmed Hemp

Ingredients: CBD from broad spectrum hemp extract, MCT (fractionated coconut) oil, Natural Tulsi/Berry Extract

Which dosage strength should I choose?
We recommend the mild strength if you are new to CBD. However, if you have a pre-existing ailment or a larger than average build, we would recommend choosing the strong strength.

How much CBD oil should I take every day?
Initially, 2ml of CBD oil a day is a great start, after which you can increase or decrease the dosage as per the requirements of your body or the severity of your ailment.

How should I consume CBD oil?
CBD oil is most effective when consumed orally i.e sublingually. However, our CBD oil can also be mixed with food, in hot beverages or applied topically.

What does 100% THC free mean?
THC is the psychoactive component of which trace elements are found in the industrial hemp plant. Our product goes through state-of-the-art proprietary processes to remove all traces of THC, sincerely, for your peace of mind.

What sets Qurist apart from other CBD oils?
From regulated cultivation and safe extraction methods, to meticulous third-party lab testing, Qurist sets the bar for CBD products worldwide. We assure you that we make the safest and most effective CBD products you can buy.

Why is CBD quality so important?
When it comes to CBD, there is immense importance placed on quality since not all hemp available is grown under regulated conditions and not all extraction methods are safe. Bad quality CBD extracts are ineffective and in some cases, even harmful.

Our Process:

Extraction: With state-of-the-art extraction methods used, all healthy cannabinoids are safely and efficiently processed without the use of harsh chemicals or toxic solvents. Our CBD oils also come with a Halal certification. When it comes to Qurist, purity is a promise.
Sourced locally from the coconut farms in Kerala, our veritable MCT carrier oil is completely organic and is USDA certified. At Qurist, every formulation is replete with natural, organic flavours and is mixed meticulously under controlled temperatures for 60 mins vs. the industry average of 15 mins to ensure best suspension and distribution of the CBD compound, making them highly bioavailable.
Every Qurist bottle goes through sincere quality testing checks and is sanitized before it finds its way to you and your loved ones.

The different types of CBD:
Isolate: Isolates only extract the specific chemical “CBD” without extracting any of the other beneficial plant cannabinoids. It’s cheap to produce as it’s often derived from the waste parts of the plant.

Full Spectrum: Using regulated hemp, all beneficial compounds in the plant are extracted to create the “entourage effect” where all cannabinoid types work together for greater efficacy. Full Spectrum Extracts, however, contain trace amounts of THC – the psychoactive component of the plant.

Broad Spectrum: Broad Spectrum Extract goes a step further than a Full Spectrum Extract and uses proprietary processes to isolate the THC element, removing it completely. Making it 100% THC free, while retaining all the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes.

Box Contents: Bottle, Sealed Dropper, CBD Guide

Disclaimer & Disclosures:
Not FDA/ AYUSH Approved
Not intended to cure, treat etc.
Not for pregnant woman, or people with allergies (coconut)
Consult a physician before consuming, mixing with other medicines
Keep bottle away from children
Do not use it if the bottle is opened/ tampered with.

3 reviews for Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

  1. gautamaggarwal11nov

    The CBD formula works really well and fast! I can feel relief from gymnastics-related spinal problems within 20 minutes.
    I have many spinal issues and other athletic injuries and this formula helps the acute and chronic pain so much that I have begun tapering my prescription meds.

  2. Seema Jaiswal

    Great quality CBD oil.. quite effective

  3. Dheeraj

    Best CBD product made in India. I have been using it for sleep and stress

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