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Success and Failure Cards


The success and failure cards will help every individual reflect on their small or big wins and failures while learning from them.

Successes and failures are the most crucial part of the journey that help us reach our destination. But what is more important is how we can be grateful to things that helped us achieve that success and the learnings that we got from our failures.

You can now record your successes and failures in our cards every night to keep a track of your journey and see how far you have come. There are 50 cards where you can write your successes on one side and your failures on the other and then store them in a printed cotton pouch.

Life skills you will develop using these cards:
Self reflection
Growth mindset

A corrugated box (5’x5’x2′)
A printed cotton pouch
50 two side printed cards (4’x4′)
One introductory card
300 gsm cards


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