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Emotions Cards

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Different fun games you can play with these cards:

Name the emotions:
Children can pick a card, and make faces to match without revealing the emotion. See if you can guess it right.Once the child is acquainted with all the emotions, parent & child can take turns in making faces & guessing. It will be super fun, will help your child become more aware & empathize with emotions of people around them.

Buckle up – its story time:
Children can pick a card, and narrate scenarios or stories of times when they felt/might feel that particular emotion. Other players can guess which card was chosen

Good or bad:
All the 24 emotion cards are divided into 3 color codes. Yellow for happy emotions, Red for angry emotions & green for sad emotions. Discuss or have a healthy debate about why certain emotion is in a certain group.
Ways to cope:
Each player should pick a card, determine if a particular emotion is healthy or unhealthy. If decided unhealthy all players can tell ways to cope with that emotion. Each valid way to cope with an emotion wins a point.

Help you little ones understand emotions like never before with these cards! These 36 decks of cards are divided into 2 parts: 24 cards illustrating different human emotions. It has name of the emotions, illustration & explanation about that emotion. 12 cards have multiple choice questions. Each card is presented with 2 situations and 6 different emotions as multiple choice. Children have to choose which emotion might be appropriate for a particular emotion.

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  1. Meera

    It is important to teach young children about emotions. Highly recommend this to other mothers

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