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Suicide Prevention; How MHT Associates can help?

Today, suicide prevention becomes imperative as cases for death by suicide are increasing more than before. The very first step in suicide prevention starts at recognising suicidal thinking and behaviour and taking it seriously. An individual considering committing suicide will commonly show some subtle signs of suicidal thinking and behaviour such as talking about committing suicide, increased use of drugs or alcohol and making preparations such as giving personal belonging away etc.

Despite of knowing these signs and symptoms, suicide prevention can still be a challenge for the family and peers. This is where mental health professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors can intervene. Reaching out to a mental health professional can help in various ways such as training the individual new coping skills, psycho educating the family members and peers about their mental illness, reducing self-harm behaviour and providing pharmacological interventions.

Mental Health Today India is an online platform where one can easily seek support of a mental health professional such as psychiatrists and psychologists for their specific emotional and psychological needs. This Suicide Prevention Day, find professional help from MHT Associates.

MHT Associates are mental health professionals who have been practising in the field of psychiatry and psychology for years. Each MHT Associate has their unique profile which consists of information such as their academic qualifications and training,  mental health & psychological issues they specialise in and their contact details. 

This Suicide Prevention Day, find the right support for suicidal thinking and self harm behaviour from MHT Associates who have gained specialised training in this area. The details and description of the top 4 MHT Associates from India have been mentioned further in this article.

Dr. Rahul Khemani

Dr. Rahul Khemani is a psychiatrist based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra. He has been practising psychiatry for more than 4 years now. As a psychiatrist, his highest qualification is in DNB Psychiatry which has trained him in treating various mental health related issues including suicidal ideation and self harm behaviour. Reach out to Dr. Rahula Khemani for suicide prevention by booking an appointment today. 

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Dr. Kirtana Kubernathan

Dr. Kirtana Kubernathan is another mental health professional who is also an MHT Associate. She is a MBBS graduate with specialized training in addiction psychiatry and child-adolescent mental health. She is currently based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu and helps individuals with suicidal ideation and many other mental health related issues. This suicide prevention day seek help of the right professional with the right qualifications. 

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Ms. Deepika Bhandari

Ms. Deepika Bhandari is a psychologist who has specialized in animal assisted therapy. The research evidence has shown many benefits of animal assisted therapy in overcoming suicidal behaviour and ideations in children as well as older adults. If you wish to seek support of an animal for your mental health needs, reach out to Ms. Deepika Bhandari today.

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Ms. Deeksha Khanna

Ms. Deeksha Khanna is another psychologist registered with MHT as MHT Associates. She is based out of Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh and holds a certified advance diploma in Child Guidance and Counseling. As a mental health professional, Ms. Khanna has helped many individuals displaying self harm behaviour. Reach out this certified professional for your emotional and psychological needs. 

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Team MHT aims at helping individuals find the right help at the right time. As a part of the suicide prevention campaign, MHT hopes it has met the requirement of many individuals who are affected by mental health issues, by directing them to the most qualified mental health professionals across the country.

If you are seeking support for any other emotional or psychological problem, kindly visit MHT Directory to know more about MHT Associates and find the one who meets your specific requirements. 

If you are a mental health professional and willing associate with the MHT community , register with MHT for free. 

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