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Live Webinar: Mindful Parenting with Ms. Charu Juneja ft. Sveekrti

Multiple researches have shown that one of the biggest factors that can influence an individuals personality is their childhood memories and parenting plays a huge role in the same. Tune in to this MHT Live where we are in conversation with a Family Therapist, who is also a parent as well, about Mindful Parenting.

  • Learn what is a mindful parent and how to be the same.
  • Know more about why is it the need of the hour.
  • Explore the benefits of the same for the society at large.

Join Us Live on sunday
12:00 p.m. (IST)


Founder at Sveekriti
and MHT Associate

Haveesha Buddhdev, founder of Sveekrti is a counseling psychologist, REBT therapist and a special educator.
She is working as a School Psychologist since past 2 years. Her expertise is in dealing with special needs children, training teachers, parents and other students to make a safe environment for everyone at school and home.
She practices part time to provide counseling to adults for any adjustment, stress or emotional concerns and teaches special needs children. She wishes to reach out to as many as possible to encourage everyone to talk about their mental health.

Ms. Charu

Family Therapist and
Counselling Psychologist

She is an enthusiastic, effective and passionate psychologist working with TGES school in Rajkot, Gujarat. She is a certified Special Educator, Counselling psychologist and Family Therapist. She has been working with TGES groups of schools since almost a decade as a counsellor and special educator working for the betterment of SEN children. She has conducted various teacher training and parent workshops to spread awareness about mental health and how to make the school an inclusive place.

About Sveekrti

Sveekrti means self-acceptance. It is an initiative to spread mental health awareness through various means. It aims to provide the audience with self-help steps/guide to move towards better mental health by introducing them to psychological constructs in very simple terms. Mainly by making using of common examples of concerns faced by them. It also aims to provide a platform for people to reach out to talk about their mental health with the hope to take back skills which will make them self-sufficient.
Through Sveekrti we wish to reach out to people by conducting a series of webinars on relevant psychological topics along with step by step guidance of reaching self-acceptance.

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