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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Upon exposure to a traumatic and stressful event, one can suffer from some serious symptoms such as nightmares, panic attacks, having trouble breathing and sometimes even leads to depression and/or anxiety.

Sometimes, these symptoms can come into existence immediately after the traumatic event, in other cases, it can even take up to 6 months for these to manifest.

Take this assessment to check whether you have any symptoms that can meet the criteria of PTSD.

1.Have you ever been physically assaulted?
2.Have you ever been emotionally assaulted?
3.Do you have repeated flashbacks about certain acts done to you / by you in the past?
4.Do you have difficulty breathing when reminded of a certain act of the past?
5.Do you have difficulty sleeping / Are you frequented by nightmares?
6.Do you tend to avoid activies that might remind you of certain acts of the past?
7.Has there been a change in your interest in certain activities that earlier seemed pleasurable?
8.Are you easily startled?
9.Do you feel cut off from people?
10.Do past stressful events randomly flash in front of your eyes anytime of the day which in turn leads to heart-rate fluctuations?

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