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Self-Esteem can be defined as the satisfaction one has with his own self and how much can one appraise oneself in different situations. This appraisal is mainly based on our past experiences and our thoughts stemming from these instances.

Take this assessment to check your level of self-esteem and whether you need to work on these levels consciously.

1.Do you have a difficulty in accepting compliments?
2.Do you feel agitated when you feel that you have made a mistake?
3.Do you often feel that others are talking about you?
4.Do you feel that you are unable to stand up for yourself?
5.Does public speaking scare you?
6.If/When you meet new people, do you feel they will not approve of you?
7.Are you afraid showing your true feelings in front of your peers?
8.Do you feel that you are not in control of your actions and comply with others easily?
9.Do you feel you are inferior to others?
10.Do you feel disappointed in yourself often?

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