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Suicide Ideation

Suicidal Thoughts, also known as suicide ideation, can be referred to thoughts about considering or planning the act of suicide.

Here are some statements about the thoughts that people have sometimes. In order to access the accurate ideation, please answer these statements keeping in mind your thoughts in the past one month only.

1.Do you feel you do not deserve to live?
2.Do you wish that you go to sleep and never wake up?
3.Have you ever actually thought about fatally harming yourself?
4.Have you ever thought about or researched on different ways to kill yourself?
5.Have you ever chalked out a self-harm plan?
6.Have you ever carried out or started to carry out a self-harm plan?
7.Do you feel stuck in your body with no way to get out apart from dying?
8.Have you suffered any emotional loss in the past 6 months?
9.Have you lost anybody to death in the past 6 months?
10.Did you know anybody who committed suicide?

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