Useful Tips for Parents of Children with Autism by Ms. Mantasha Riyaz

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By Mantasha & MHT Podcasts

While administering ADI-R for the diagnosis of Autism .
I realized the importance of primary care by mother towards the child , environment of the child and initial parents interaction with the child.
After working with so many parents . Few advises I would like to give –

1) Accept the child the way he/she is . Once the child is accepted , the child himself will take an initiative to express himself and will show his/ her needs.

2) If the parents are anxious or negative , then this anxiety will be transferred to the child and the child will be more anxious leading to the increase negative behavior of the child.
So that’s both the parents and environment of the child should be very positive .
Keep on spreading positive vibes to the child. You will see lot of changes within your child.

3) Keep on interacting with the child as much as you can . I believe parents can modify the behavior of the child through interaction.
Interaction could be in any form.

4) Trust the child and let him explore . Also remember don’t force your child for anything . It may impact the child’s self esteem.
So give him/her the opportunity to explore.

5) Appreciate the child as much as you can . Even for a small effort , do reward your child.

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