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Virtual Socializing amid COVID-19

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Virtual Socializing is the new trend. This quarantine has successfully locked us all in our houses and also put a stop to all the everyday chilling activities we used to take for granted. We spoke to many of our subscribers and asked them what was the biggest challenge they were facing in these lockdown conditions. The option common with all; dealing with the lack of socializing. After all, the human is a social animal. Hence, we came up with a couple of ways that can help you connect with your friends and family, virtually or commonly known as ‘Virtual Socializing’.

  1. Zoom/ Skype/ Google Duo/ Hangouts/ Houseparty/ FB Messenger/ Whatsapp Video

Multiple apps, one purpose; to see and interact with your friends and family from any corner of the world.

  1. Netflix party

For all the missed movie nights, this uber cool extension by Netflix lets you create an online movie theatre. Watch the same movie and interact with all your friends just like you would in actual settings. Two requirements, all the party-goers to have a Netflix account and Google Chrome. 

  1. Karaoke Night

Why miss out on a fun singing session just because you are in a lockdown. StarMaker is an app that helps you karaoke to hundreds of songs just like you would on Friday nights. Select your songs and challenge your friends & family to sing along. 

  1. Workout over Skype

Now is the time to break a sweat and actually work towards those set of abs you always wanted. But why do it alone, share your screen via Skype with your workout buddy, play a workout video from YouTube and sweat away.

  1. Cooking with parents over WhatsApp video call

Try your hand at some culinary skills and create some masterpieces. However, it’s always good to cook with parents as the saying goes, ‘parents are the best teachers’.

  1. Create an online journal via Google Docs

Journaling alone has proven to be therapeutic, however, doing the same with your best friend can be even better. Together you can create picture books, bucket lists, movies to binge list or even an emotions catalogue. 

  1. Online Card Games 

For all the card lovers there, here are some card games that you can play virtually with your friends. Get everybody logged in and deal away. If in case you are missing another type of card games; hinting towards something against humanity :p , try out this cool card game on play store and iOS, Evil Apples.

  1. Online games 

Thanks to technological advancements, there is no need to miss your favourite multiplayer board games. Try out  Settlers of Catan, Monopoly amongst many others and kiss a few hours goodbye!

Do let us know in the comments below if you try any of these ideas out or if you have already tried to connect with your friends in some different way. While you are at it, do click here to get access to a playlist that can keep you company during this quarantine.


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