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Ms. Adhishree Anand

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Live Webinar: Lets Plan Life Goals!

Congratulations on making through the second week of 2021. How have you been keeping up with your new year's resolutions or in general life goals?
Join us coming Sunday along with Ms. Adhishree where we aim to help you achieve your goals more efficiently!

Join Us Live on sunday
12:00 p.m. (IST)

Speaker: Ms. Adhishree Anand

Adhishree Anand is an entrepreneur and author based in New Delhi. Her latest book, the Live by Design Goals Journal, is the First Goal Planner in India and is getting rave reviews.

Productivity is a theme she is passionate about. Having attended many programs and reading books on the subject, she decided to create a Tool to turn this Knowledge into Action. This Tool is the Goals Journal and she is committed to make an impact in people’s lives through it.

Live by Design
Goals Journal

A Planner to help you design your life with greater clarity.

It comes with the following free bonuses: 
Bonus:1 GOAL-SETTING MASTERCLASS -A 2-part training session, on how to set and achieve your goals using the Goals Journal.
Bonus: 2 ACCOUNTABILITY GROUP- Be part of the Inner Circle on whatsapp and get daily inspiration and tips