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Live Webinar: Psychology of Focus

Did this grab your Focus? Okay, Great Focus is not only about pay attention and being observant. There is more. A subconscious process takes place which is so complex that researchers are still trying to understand the Psychology of Focus better. Join us Live as we uncover the functioning of Focus - consciously and subconsciously. Ms. Sony Shah is a mental health expert will share some key psychological factors associated with focus, concentration, memory, stress and anxiety. Save yourself a seat today. Registrations for the webinar are open

Join Us Live on sunday
12:00 p.m. (IST)

Speaker: Ms. Haveesha Buddhdev

Having completed bachelor’s degree from Christ University Bangalore, Master’s and RECBT certification from Mumbai, she has been working in the field of school psychology and practicing RECBT with an intention to spread mental health awareness at her best capacity! She started her journey as an associate with MHT and is here now as Content Director joining the road and contributing to the goals of MHT.