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Ms. Kaitlin Serai

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Live Webinar: How Meditation can Improve LGBTQIA+ Community Mental & Physical Health

Meditation has been rated as a highly recommended practice by a number of Doctors, Psychologists, and Scientists. Join us in this webinar where we discuss how it can be helpful to the people belonging to the queer community and also take part in a free 10-minute breathwork session.

Join Us Live on sunday
08:30 p.m. (IST)

Speaker: Ms. Kaitlin Serai

Kaitlin Serai is a trained meditation and breathwork instructor from SKY Campus Happiness and has been meditating regularly since 2016. She also works as a full-time SKY Campus Happiness ambassador working to facilitate relationships with university administration and students to bring breathwork and meditation to more and more campuses as a primary wellness strategy. She graduated from The Ohio State University in 2019 and is passionate about mental health, servant leadership, and empowering and caring for others.