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Ms. Shivani Thapliyal

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Live Webinar: Surviving with Mental Health Illness in India

end the mental stigma - shivani thapliyal - mental illness

Tune in to MHT Live with a survivor whose aim is to create awareness in our society. Join us as we discuss what comes under the umbrella term 'mental health', the stigma around mental health in our country, and how we can contribute to a new and accepting future.

Also in discussion, Ms. Thapliyal's new book; End the Mental Health Stigma.

Join Us Live on sunday
12:00 p.m. (IST)

Speaker: Ms. Shivani Thapliyal

Author; End the Mental Health Stigma | Mental Health Coach

As a life coach, Ms. Thapliyal works with the ultimate purpose of creating mental health awareness and also hopes to lead our community towards acceptance.