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Myths about Romance and Love

There are so many myths about romance and  love ingrained in the minds of the young generation by the media, Bollywood and many other sources. The world of media represents love and romance as a feeling or emotion that lasts forever. But is that the true picture? Dr. Lokesh Babu, who is a psychiatrist based …

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Role of Communication in Relationships

Communication plays an integral role in our relationships. Although, unhealthy communication patterns can be detrimental in the growth of these relationships, be it couples, family or even friendship. In this  short video below, Ms. Amrita Kajaria lists down four unhealthy communication patterns in relationships researched by The Gottman Institute. Role of communication is relationships is …

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Conflict Resolution amongst Couples

If there are two or more people living together, at some point in time, conflict is bound to happen and that’s absolutely natural. Learning about conflict resolution can help individuals in many relationships: marriage, family and even friendship.  The video below shortlists the Big Five Marriage Questions that couples can use whenever they have a …

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Abusive Relationships and Mental Health | Ms. Gargi Vishnoi

Our society does not often talk about how abusive relationships can affect our mental health. MHT India along with Ms. Gargi Vishnoi explores various ways in which a relationship can be abusive in nature, how to identify the red flags that indicate the abuse and how to be there for someone who is a part …

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