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MHT Podcast | Survivor Series Ep. 4 | Living With A Mental Illness in India With Ms. Shivani Thapliyal

By MHT Podcasts

How often do people share their real experiences with mental health disorder in India? Not much, right. That is why, the editorial team at MHT, is much thankful to Shivani for sharing her experience with Mental Illness in India. Below is a podcast with Ms Shivani Thapliyal where she shares her story about her journey with Schizophrenia and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in India and how she survived the same. She also shares her experience in publishing her book; End of Mental Health Stigma which is now available on Amazon India.

Ms. Shivani Thapliyal

Mental Health Life Coach, Author; End of Mental Health Stigma

Let’s get united and talk about mental health in an innovative, encouraging way!

It is true that mental health can lead to many challenges for the individual and their family. Ms. Shivani’s experience provides a new lens filled with optimism and hope for others who are battling with their mental health issues. Mental Health Today wants to thanks Shivani for sharing her personal story with a mental illness and providing true awareness to people.

Read more about Ms. Shivani’s journey here.

About MHT Podcast | Survivor Series

The society and its individuals often misunderstand mental illnesses. Unlike physical health disorder such as arthritis, cancer or diabetes, symptoms of mental health disorder are discreet and sometimes not easy to construe. If you know a person suffering from depression, another person with the same illness might behave very differently. At MHT Podcast | Survivor Series, we have invited speakers who have personally experienced the struggles of bearing mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, coping with bullying as well as traumatic experiences. These speakers belong to various cultural backgrounds and have a unique story to share. They can either choose to stay anonymous or can also share their identity.

These episodes of MHT Podcast | Survivor Series shall unravel their journey of treatment as well as living with a mental illness. This new podcast series by Mental Health Today aims at connecting mental illnesses survivors to the rest of the world. MHT podcasts wish to spread true awareness by sharing real-life stories of individuals living with mental illnesses. If you are someone who has lived a similar journey, you can join us on the podcast series. If you wish to join as a speaker for our next podcast, send us an email at: support@mentalhealthtoday.co.in

About MHT Podcast

MHT Podcast is an online audio based platform, by Mental Health Today, devoted to sharing information and awareness on mental health-related issues. MHT Podcast has a variety of series such as MHT Podcast | Therapy for Thoughts, MHT Podcast | Autism Support, MHT Podcast | Survivor Series, MHT Podcast | Bibliotherapy, MHT Podcast | Media Reviews, MHT Podcast | Psychology 101 and more. These different series reflects a new and more diverse perspective of mental health in our society and also at an individual level. 

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  2. Hi shivani mam this is shiv …It’s very good news to come in your life….and i am standing for you all time like a your struggle time and your happy life time……

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