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Conflict Resolution amongst Couples

If there are two or more people living together, at some point in time, conflict is bound to happen and that’s absolutely natural. Learning about conflict resolution can help individuals in many relationships: marriage, family and even friendship. 

The video below shortlists the Big Five Marriage Questions that couples can use whenever they have a conflict and aims to resolve it.

Conflict Resolution amongst Couples | Ms. Rajika Mehra | MHT Bytes

Ms. Rajika Mehra, a relationship counseling expert, talks about conflict resolution amongst couples. In her therapy sessions, she has been using the approach of Structured Reality Therapy, developed by William Glasser, an American psychiatrist. 

The Structured Reality Therapy is completely based on two things ;

– Marriage is a partnership, and

– The only way to help a couple facing problems is to help them focus on ‘What’s good for their marriage’. It aims at shifting the focus from ‘who did what’ & ‘my partner is the reason why we are here’ to “what do we do together to make this marriage work”.

Watch the full video and learn more about how you can resolve the conflicts in your relationships.

About Ms. Rajika Mehra

Ms. Rajika Mehra is a psychologist with experience in relationship counseling. She has been working as a therapist for more than 3 years. She specialises in REBT and has been working with children, adolescents and adults. 

Want to know more about Ms. Rajika Mehra? Click here.

Watch the full video: Conflict Resolution amongst Couples | Ms. Rajika Mehra

Conflict Resolution amongst Couples | Ms. Rajika Mehra | MHT Conversations

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