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Being Single On Valentines Day

Being Single On Valentines Day 

“My phone is ringing”

It’s my friend with whom I share a 4 and half year old friendship. 

“ Bro Valentine’s Day is coming” 

“ I know right”, “but bro it’s so overrated, like the whole concept of Valentine’s Day is so overrated “

After a half an hour conversation with her and an endless amount of cribbing we finally ended the call.

We have entered the month of February which means  it’s Valentine’s month which also means we single people are going to feel lonely, sad and depressed.

“But why is that ?”

By questioning myself and diving deep into my memories I may have found the reason.

“Is it because I have old memories related to that day?” 

Everyone expects to be treated specially that day let it be a boy or a girl. Where in my experience in spite of being in a relationship at one point of time in my life nothing special happened that day. Well disappointments happen; they are a part of life, both go to work, come home exhausted and fall asleep, one buys a card the other forgets and is left heartbroken, seeing others get roses, gifts and not receiving any, etc.  

Personally I don’t much care for this day, it’s just like any other normal day for me but I do prefer to stay indoors that day. Maybe because I am single and don’t have anyone to celebrate it with. Even if I was dating someone there are such false expectations regarding valentines day which is never going to come true. 

One could just choose to ignore Valentine’s Day but that would be hard especially in today’s world where everything is digitalized and advertised by a click of a button. All possible eateries have some special offer for couples on valentines day, movie tickets are sold out, every park or garden you go to or pass are full of couples, at work colleagues recieve gifts and roses after work they are being picked up by their boyfriends, etc.

What can you do not to feel lonely, sad and depressed on Valentine’s Day:

Go out with your other single friends. Contact all your other friends who are single, go out watch a movie or go shopping or go out for a meal. So what if you are single and wherever you go you see couples, embrace your freedom and enjoy that day. 

Make it a spa day or self pampering day. Instead of sitting around and being gloomy or mopy book yourself a spa or pamper yourself at the saloon. Always remember to put yourself first. 

Go on a trip! If it is the weekend gather all your single friends and go on a fun trip, where you can go hiking or camping. Going out, a change in your surroundings always helps to take your mind off all the things that are happening in life. 

Send gifts to your loved ones; family and friends. Even though you don’t have anyone special but you can still get your loved ones gifts, take advantage of the sale of different brands and purchase something for your family or friends. 

Try to stay positive! Wherever you go on that day you will be reminded of how lonely you are but you need to stay positive. Look at the brighter side of being single, you can be yourself and you won’t have to go through all the ‘curses’ of being in a relationship!

In today’s world it is very important for us to practice self love. It is necessary for us to get in touch with our inner self because if we practice self love then only we can love others. We are faced with various challenges each day so it is very important for us to practice self love and get in touch with our inner self. It is very important to stop comparing yourself to others, you may see couples walking hand in hand and sharing a moment which will make you feel disheartened but you never know the truth about their relationship, learn to be happy the way you are and stop comparing yourself to others. Staying away from toxic people helps a lot as they keep the negativity out from your life and it also makes your life a lot simpler.  Self love will keep you motivated and help you understand your worth. 

Love yourself no matter what! Take a pledge that  “I’ll be there for myself!” <3 

How many times have you let go of your wellbeing for the sake of others around you? It is time to revolutionalize this urge to always keep others’ feelings over our own needs. Bag the I’ll be there for myself t-shirt by MHT India which has been inspired by the popular TV sitcom FRIENDS and show some self-love.

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