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Neuphony; What, How & Why.


Neuphony is a revolutionary technology packed inside a lightweight and comfortable headband with its brush-shaped soft sensors and individually adjustable hands, all while using 8 EEG sensors over the frontal, temporal and parietal regions of one’s brain. In order to make sense of these words, let go back to basics and explore if using this device can actually help.

The EEG Device

What it is.

In order to understand what this new invention is, let us first look into our brains.

The outermost layer of the nerve tissue present in a human brain is known as the cerebral cortex, and it is naturally separated into four lobes namely the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, temporal lobe, and occipital lobe (see the image below). Each of these lobes has a discrete set of functions as well as connections to the different parts of the brain.

Neuphony - brain

Let us focus on each lobe now:

Frontal lobe: It is responsible for immediate and sustained attention, social skills, emotions, empathy, time management, working memory, and character. The frontal lobe is generally known as an executive planner i.e. it helps in maintaining control, plan for the future, and monitoring the behavior.

Parietal lobe: This works as a navigation system for our body. It integrates all the information from different senses and generates a coherent representation of the environment. For example, assume you are reading a book and having a cup of tea. Now, you don’t have to look where exactly your cup is every time. While focusing on the book, you can pick up the cup, have your tea and then put it back. This is possible because the parietal lobe stores and retrieves the shape, size, and orientation of objects to be grasped in our minds

Temporal lobe: This houses the auditory cortex which processes the auditory signals. It also has involvement in the memory-making process, especially verbal memory. The Left temporal lobe is involved with language interpretation written and verbal whereas the right temporal lobe is more involved when listening to music, and understanding social cues.

Occipital lobe: This is where all the visual processing takes place. Anything in our visual field seen through our eyes is routed to the occipital lobe where it is processed and hence it has a strong connection to the entire brain networks be it the frontal lobes for problem definition, the parietal lobe in locating objects, or memory regions that are present under the cerebral cortex.

Neuphony device targets the Brain’s Frontal, Temporal & Parietal lobes with the help of 8 EEG sensors and in turn, map out the brain’s waves under different situations.

Neuphony; How does it measure Brain Waves?

Different regions of the brain are constantly communicating with each other. This communication is accomplished via neurons. When clusters of neurons fire in synchrony using electrical impulses, they produce an electric potential which is captured by the EEG sensors placed on the scalp.

Since these signals originate deep within the brain, voltage captured by the sensors is in μVs (1/1,000,000th of a Volt), usually between 10-50 μVs. This is extremely low and can be easily corrupted very easily with small eye movements, muscle movements, sweat, etc. This particularly makes it very difficult to process EEG data and hence the biggest limitation of EEG devices is that the user has to be sitting calm and relaxed to capture any usable information. This limitation is sometimes a huge hindrance. This limitation is exactly what the Neuphony device is designed to overcome.

If you want to know more about EEGs in depth, click here.

With the help of 8 EEG sensors placed strategically in the device, it is able to tap into the brain’s communication patterns, also known as brain waves, and hence, make an understanding of how our brain is responding to different situations and environments.

Why is it the need of the hour?

Using this device has numerous benefits in the long run. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Improve the Sleep Quality
    Neuphony can create a brain map of the cognitive stage and help in following one’s circadian rhythm. It can help in enhancing your concentration and energy levels by detaching you from the outer world.
    Research shows that by creating a brain map of one’s cognitive state, this device helps with; detaching from the outer world, calming the omnipresent negative self-talk, following the circadian rhythm of sleep, and also enhancing the concentration levels.
  2. Improve Focus or as we say, Find Your Focus
    We spend an awful lot of time daydreaming – almost 50% of the time by some measures. One bad thought and it will be quite easy for our mind to get distracted. Distractions eat up most of our time and mental wellbeing that we either feel overwhelmed or incompetent. As mentioned above, this device creates a brain map of your cognitive stage and identifies the distractions that are happening at a particular point in time.
    This device controls one’s attention rigorously using Focus exercises and provides real-time feedback to help them stay focused. This is almost similar to joining a mental gym and train one’s brain muscles to stay focused.
  3. Reduce Stress & Anxiety
    Using the device for a longer period of time can help you by preparing a brain map that will help the wearer Identifies their emotional triggers, helps them in getting rid of negative thoughts and feelings disturbing their mental peace, reduce stress and anxiety, provides auditory feedback if they are struggling with a bad memory or thought and also suggests mindfulness exercises that help in focusing on all the thoughts rather than only a particular one. 
  4. Develop Gratitude
    Developing Gratitude is one of the most crucial parts of Emotional Intelligence and helps in building a better community. One can not only sharpen his leadership skills by showing gratitude but also build an empathetic community. Regularly using this device creates a brain map and helps in identifying emotional networks in the brain. It also suggests loving-kindness meditation techniques for training the emotional network in the brain which, in the long run, can help the wearer develop Gratitude.
  5. Attain Inner Peace
    Neuphony trains the brain to deal better with daily distractions & helps one become more efficient. Being thoughtless can be considered a gift to the mind. With the constant overflow of information, our brain is unable to consolidate and enhance our understanding. Using this device can help in creating a brain map of our cognitive state and train the brain to take a break and give rest or relax. It creates awareness about the inner working of our brains and ultimately attaining inner peace.


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