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Neuphony – Wearable EEG Device | Best Anxiety Headband

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We are living in a digital age and in many ways, this is a double-edged sword., where things are getting smarter and freeing us to be more, to do more, but are we?

Most of the tech today is designed to capture one thing our attention. Neuphony helps you get that control back, you decide what to spend your time on. We use meditation and neuroscience to help you identify the split second, where you decide either to go to gym or order-in and watch a re-run of your favourite show. Using our headset which captures the electrical activity and our mobile app which translates it and recommends you different meditative exercises tailored for you.

With Neuphony Change the reactive approach towards mental health and start building resilience by being more proactive.


Measure your brain waves using EEG sensors and get real time auditory feedback.


We have the ability to structurally change our brain network through regular practice irrespective of age.


Rewire your brain to gain attention and awareness using different meditation techniques.


There are few things that stimulate the brain the way music does


With Neuphony Change the reactive approach towards mental health and start building resilience by being more proactive.

Unique Attributes :

1. ML Software which recommends brain training regime to achieve the desired state
2. The Only EEG Headset in the World with 8 Electrodes located in 3 Lobes

Technical Specifications:

1. Brush Dry EEG electrodes
2. Flat EEG Electrode for Forehead region
3. LED for battery and Power Induction
4. Adjustable Hands for Different Sizes
5. Stretchable Elastic Band for Comfortable Fit
6. Power Button

How can Neuphony Support your Mental Health Issues?


Get Quality Sleep

Quality of Sleep determines how you feel and perform every day, and sleep deprivation can make certain regions of brain take mini naps causing mental lapses and cognitive problems.

By creating a brain map of your cognitive state Neuphony helps you

  1. Detach from the outer world.
  2. Calm the self-talk.
  3. Follow your circadian rhythm.
  4. Enhance your concentration and energy levels.
  5. Improve Focus

Improve Focus

Getting distracted is easy for our mind, all it takes is one stray thought. Distractions eat up so much of our time and mental resources that either we are left feeling overwhelmed or incompetent.

By creating a brain map of your cognitive state Neuphony helps you:

  1. Identity these distractions, when they happen
  2. Control your attention consciously using Focus excercise
  3. Real time feedback to help you stay on your point of focus
  4. It’s like going to a mental gym and training your brain muscles to help you concerntrate.

Reduce Anxiety and Stress

We are evolved in a way that we are susceptible to self-induced stress. If our brain thinks of a past traumatic experiences our body experiences the event as if it is happening right now, and anxiety is our body’s response to stress.

Neuphony creates a brain map of your cognitive state to help you:

  1. Identify the emotional triggers
  2. Break the cycle of negative thoughts and feelings feeding off each other
  3. Mindfulness exercises, which help you observe all your thoughts without getting attached to particular one
  4. Auditory feedback if you get stuck on a thought and couldn’t let go

Develop Gratitude

Feeling gratitude is one of the most important trait of Emotional Intelligence and also towards builing a better community. By showing Gratitude you not only improve your leadership skills, but you also help build an emphatetic and resilient community

Neuphony creates a brain map of your cognitive state to helps you

  1. Identify emotional networks in your brain
  2. Train the emotional networks in your brain using loving kindness meditation techniques
  3. Make sure you feel the emotion rather than just thinking about them
  4. Improve your Emotional Intellectual and help in overall growth

Achieving Internal Peace

With constant bombardment of information and being in a state of over arousal deprives our brain the time to consolidate and enhance our understanding. Being thoughtless is a gift for your mind.

Neuphony creates a brain map of your cognitive stat and helps

  1. Create a roadmap tailored for your mind
  2. Slowly guide and train your brain to take a break
  3. Create awareness about the Inner working of your mind
  4. Enhance the experience of your meditation session by tracking your brain activity

Self Development

Our habits are nothing but our autonomous nervous system taking control over our mind. We all have, at some point, made a conscious decision to make a change. Ever wondered why is it so hard?

Neuphony creates a brain map of your cognitive state to help you

  1. Identify those autonomous programs in our mind
  2. Similar to bad habits, good ones can be instilled into the subconscious
  3. Recommend mindfulness meditation, and focus exercises based on your brain state
  4. Help you retain your subconscious




Intrigued by what you have read so far?
Here is an another reason to purchase Neuphony, a wearable EEG device for good mental health.

With every purchase, you will receive TWO FREE Therapy sessions with a certified MHT Associate which can be redeemed within 6 months of your purchase.

What are you waiting for?
Purchase Neuphony now and take the first step towards understanding your brain and leading a mentally healthy life.


6 reviews for Neuphony – Wearable EEG Device | Best Anxiety Headband

  1. Rahil

    One time investment for long term good mental health .. easy fit and simple to use👍

  2. Shekar Singh

    Neuphony is the future of brain health👍.. very helpful for meditation and calmness

  3. Veer Gandhi

    will refer Neuphony if you have mild cognitive issues such as lack of focus, calmness, creativity and all

  4. Zeeshan Malik

    Using it for 3 months now, I can see a change in my work productivity, thinking patterns and much more. It has helped me with anger issues also

  5. Radhika Jaswani

    Neuphony is good if you are facing sleep issues. I will recommend it for sleep problems

  6. Rajesh

    Great Product, unique designing… It helps me with my anxiety, focus and cognitive flexibility…

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