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MHT Podcast | Psychology 101: Psychology of Depression


by MHT Podcast | Psychology 101

Human psychology and emotions play a major role in depression. Feelings of low self-worth, low mood, guilt, hopelessness are some of the common emotions felt when a person is suffering from depression. Psychological aspects such as negative thinking, distorted cognitions, sadness are prevalent as well. There is persistent sadness when one is suffering from this mental illness. The course of sadness or low mood is not necessarily due to a traumatic incident or loss of a dear one. Since it is not easy to understand our own emotions, forget others, it becomes even more difficult to understand such symptoms of depression. Occasionally introspecting our own thoughts and feelings can really help us develop a healthier thought process. But more importantly, providing the right awareness to self about depression can be the first step in recovering. Kindly lookout for similar emotional patterns for your dear ones such as friends, family, colleagues as well.

Maintaining regular contact with friends and family is a simple act that can many times elevate our mood. A short call to your friend, an act of kindness for your colleague, some extra time with family are some examples of a nice gesture. It is easy to succumb to suicidal thinking under depression. Seeking help is a step that can assist one with recovery as well as better mental health. So whenever doubtful about depression, it never hurts to simply reach out to some.

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About MHT Podcast | Psychology 101

At, MHT Podcast | Psychology 101, discover some fundamental as well as unique topics associated with psychology. These podcasts episodes are recorded by experts in the field of psychology as well as mental health. Listening to these podcasts can help you develop a better understanding of psychological concepts such as thinking, memory, learning, attention, personality, behaviour and so much more.

Students pursuing psychology can simply listen to the episodes from MHT Podcast | Psychology 101, to have a quick revision or recap from there psychology lectures. Individuals, who don’t have any prior knowledge of psychology can also tune into MHT Podcast | Psychology 101 where psychological concepts are explained in a relatively simple language with examples that are relatable to many. Tune into this podcast series to know more and educate yourself about the science of psychology.

About MHT Podcast

MHT Podcast is an online audio based platform, by Mental Health Today, devoted to sharing information and awareness on mental health-related issues. MHT Podcast has a variety of series such as MHT Podcast | Therapy for Thoughts, MHT Podcast | Autism Support, MHT Podcast | Survivor Series, MHT Podcast | Bibliotherapy, MHT Podcast | Media Reviews, MHT Podcast | Psychology 101 and more. These different series reflects a new and more diverse perspective of mental health in our society and also at an individual level. 

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