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MHT Podcast | A Glimpse at Dance Movement Therapy Workshop | Juvena Ajwani

By MHT Podcasts

About Dance Movement Therapy

Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) is the use of natural movement as a vehicle, through which an individual can engage in the process of personal integration and growth. By exploring a more varied variety of movement, people experience the possibility of becoming more securely balanced, yet increasingly spontaneous and adaptable. Movement is a vehicle for self-expression and communication as a tool to dive into the unconscious realms of personality and illuminate them in the present. The dance movement therapy practitioner creates a holding environment in which such feelings can be safely expressed, acknowledged and communicated.
Dancing in a group increases self-esteem, confidence while sharing thoughts, ideas and stories by using one’s body and aids in coping with stressors.

About Ms. Juvena Ajwani

Juvena Ajwani is a graduate in Psychology from the Pune University and currently on the verge of finishing her Diploma in Dance and Movement Therapy from Pune university and Artsphere. She has also volunteered and worked with several organisations like Teach For India, Symbiosis Centre for Emotional Wellbeing, Symbiosis International School and assisted a private psychiatrist. She is currently working within the realms of dance and movement therapy sessions with varied populations. Her previous work experience has revolved around varied populations like adults, adolescents and children. She has also conducted a comparative gender study in emotional intelligence and hold a keen interest in exploring creativity and adaptability with individuals.

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About MHT Workshops

Research shows that one of the best ways to gain familiarity with new concepts or brush-up on some earlier stored information in a brief timeframe can be to attend a  workshop or training with an expert from that particular field. Workshops are short instructive courses that emphasise on explicit ideas in a specific course of study, or on the development/improvement of a specific skill. 

Mental Health Workshops or more commonly known as Psychology Workshops are frequently interactive in nature and MHT Workshops aims to be this and much more. MHT Workshops is a platform for mentors and the participants to indulge in presentations, introductions, discussions, theoretical training and/or learning therapeutic techniques while keeping up with the current trend in the realm of mental health. 

MHT workshops mainly comprise of a cohort of 6-15 individuals including the trainer. This is done so that all the members get heard, get individual consideration, and get questions tended to in an opportune way. All of these workshops are conducted with the best security features and complete privacy is granted to all people who are a part of the same. These workshops are not made available to the public except when the mentor/facilitator requests for the same. In case of any queries, please refer to our Privacy Policy or write to us at support@mentalhealthtoday.co.in

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About MHT Podcast

MHT Podcast is an online audio based platform, by Mental Health Today, devoted to sharing information and awareness on mental health-related issues. MHT Podcast has a variety of series such as MHT Podcast | Therapy for Thoughts, MHT Podcast | Autism Support, MHT Podcast | Survivor Series, MHT Podcast | Bibliotherapy, MHT Podcast | Media Reviews, MHT Podcast | Psychology 101 and more. These different series reflects a new and more diverse perspective of mental health in our society and also at an individual level. 

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