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MHT Podcast | Psychology 101 | Ep. 6. Paraphilia

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Paraphilias and Paraphilic Disorders have always presented exceptional difficulties for mental health professionals across the span of time. Individuals with paraphilic inclination ordinarily do not present a general behaviour or thought process that makes the disorder difficult to identify and correctly diagnose. In instances when a mental health professional comes across symptoms, considerations, sentiments, or practices that meet the criteria for paraphilia of the paraphilic disorder as stated in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM-V), the psychiatrist/clinical psychologist must focus on the range and intensity of sexual interests that are atypical in nature. They should also give importance to the individuals own safety along with coming up with an adequate treatment plan for the same.

With the release of DSM-5, first time in the history of psychology, the authors made a distinction between Paraphilic Disorders and Paraphilia.

Paraphilia can be defined as “Any intense and persistent sexual interest other than sexual interest in genital stimulation or preparatory fondling with phenotypically normal, physically mature, consenting human partners.”

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – 5

The Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Work Group, liable for the paraphilic disorder chapter in the DSM-5, made the above distinction as they “sought to draw a line between atypical human behavior (paraphilia) and behavior that causes mental distress to a person or makes the person a serious threat to the psychological and physical well-being of other individuals.”

A paraphilic disorder, then, is a paraphilia “that is currently causing distress or impairment to the individual or a paraphilia whose satisfaction has entailed personal harm, or risk of harm, to others.”

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – 5

Listen to this podcast to know more about Paraphilias, it’s diagnosis, symptoms, types and the treatments that can further aid the same. If incase you feel you need help with the same, feel free to visit the MHT Directory where you will find the best mental health professional who can help you understand and explore the same.



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