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Leading a life with recurring depressive disorder | Ms. Shalini Das | Podcast | MHT India

recurrent depressive disorder - MHT India - Podcast
By MHT Podcasts; Leading a life with recurring depressive disorder with Ms. Shalini Das

Recurring Depressive Disorder, also known as Recurrent Depressive Disorder is characterized by persistent symptoms of depression lasting over a significant period of time.

Tune into this Survivor Series Podcast with Ms. Shalini Das where she talks to MHT India about leading her life with recurring depressive disorder.

About Recurrent Depressive Disorder

recurring depressive disorder
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Want to know more about recurring depressive disorder, it’s symptoms and the treatment possibilities that are available in the Indian Community. Watch this MHT Conversation with Dr. Soumyajit Sanyal, a psychiatrist from India.

Click here for an informational podcast on ‘What is the Psychology behind Depression’ which talks about the science and research behind recurring depressive disorder.

About Ms. Shalini Das

Shalini Das - darkness around suicide and depression

Ms. Shalini Das is a travel journalist and a marketing consultant based out of Bombay. She has traveled to 16 states and 3 union territories and written about some offbeat places and her work has also published in some great magazines and newspapers like Deccan chronicle and Entrepreneur of India.

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Recurrent depression disorder - MHT India - Shalini Das - Podcast

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About MHT Podcast | Survivor Series

The Survivor Series by MHT Podcast is one of the most popular podcast series by MHT India. The episodes from this podcast series are in collaboration with speakers from across India. These speakers share their true story of living with a mental illness and psychological problems. From psychiatric conditions such as psychosis to dealing with psychological issues such as bullying and body shaming, the MHT Podcast | Survivor Series has episodes with speakers that have dealt with it all. They share their experiences with a mental illness and how to tell the listeners what helped them cope with their struggles. The importance of treatment and therapy is also highlighted in these episodes.

Team MHT India duly takes the consent of the speakers to share their details on the MHT India website. In the case where a speaker doesn’t wish to disclose their identity, the name of the speaker is kept anonymous in the article as well as the podcast recording. 

If you are also struggling with a psychological or a psychiatric condition and wish to share your story to inspire and motivate others, you can also join as a speaker of the  MHT Podcast | Survivor Series by simply writing Team MHT India an email at support@mentalhealthtoday.co.in.

About MHT Podcast

MHT Podcast is an online audio based platform, by MHT India, devoted to sharing information and awareness on mental health-related issues. MHT Podcast has a variety of series such as MHT Podcast | Therapy for Thoughts, MHT Podcast | Autism Support, MHT Podcast | Survivor Series, MHT Podcast | Bibliotherapy, MHT Podcast | Media Reviews, MHT Podcast | Psychology 101 and more. These different series reflects a new and more diverse perspective of mental health in our society and also at an individual level. 

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