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Therapy for Suicide | Ms. Wilma D’Silva

Therapy for Suicide | Ms. Wilma D’Silva | MHT Conversation

As a mental health awareness platform, this Suicide Prevention Day, MHT India brings to you an educating conversation with Ms. Wilma D’Silva, who is a mental health professional based out of Margao, Goa in India. As a psychologist, she shares her knowledge of therapy and different approaches to therapy for suicide.

In the MHT Conversation, she addresses the issues of suicidal ideation and behaviour, the triggering warnings that an individual might go through prior to attempting suicide. From stages of self-harm to different therapeutic approaches for suicide prevention, this recording has covered it all. Lastly, she talks about how therapy for suicide is approached differently for different individuals, depending on their skills and personality.

A lot of emphasis has been made by Ms. D’Silva on the kind of language to be used in such situations. Furthermore, the various roles of peers and family members are also discussed.

This Suicide Prevention Day, find the right support for suicidal thinking and self harm behaviour from MHT Associates who have gained specialised training in this area. Ms. Wilma has helped many individuals with similar mental health issues. Find more about her here.

About Ms. Wilma D’Silva

Ms. D’Silva’s work has been in assessing and providing psychological intervention to help individuals manage psychological, emotional and adjustment issues.
Treatment approach is based on Mindfulness and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Intervention also includes mindfulness training, psycho education, skills training, problem solving, stress management, relaxation exercises (meditation, PMR, body scan) and Yoga. She is experienced in counselling individuals from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

About MHT Conversations

MHT Conversations has been conceptualized with the aim to create a safe place for our speakers that is free of any kind of judgements. It is an online space where anybody from the mental health community or otherwise can come together and converse about topics that are relevant to the field of mental health. Ranging from personal anecdotes, struggles with mental illness, surviving through different low points in one’s life to experts giving their views on different therapies, disorders and even stigma related to the field, MHT Conversations includes it all and beyond. 

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