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Importance of Emotional Health for Women | Mrs. Anisha Verma

Emotions are linked to an experience and since women share various social roles in her life, she is more prone to have diverse experiences, which sometimes can also be detrimental for her emotional and mental health.

On this women’s day, MHT brings to you a conversation with Mrs. Anisha Verma, a counseling psychologist, based out of Mumbai, sharing her viewpoints on the importance of emotional health for women.

A short clip from the main video is shared below for all those women who have been seeking validation and support for being their true selves.

Importance of Emotional Health for Women | Mrs. Anisha Verma | MHT Bytes

Mrs. Anisha Verma is a counseling psychologist based out of Mumbai. Being a woman as well as a mental health professional, she acknowledges the importance of emotional health for women. Henceforth, in this conversation, she addresses some key underlying factors that are important for emotional wellbeing of women.

In the video, the first establishes the difference between emotional health and mental health. Then, the sociological factors that affect women’s psychology as well as social roles are briefly discussed in this conversation. Lastly, Ms. Anisha shares some self-care and self-love techniques that women can practise in their day to day life.

For the community of women, Ms. Anisha has also shared a motivational message towards the end of the video. On that note, Team MHT would also like to wish the women out there a very Happy Women’s Day!

About Mrs. Anisha Verma

Mrs. Anisha Verma

Ms. Anisha Verma is a counseling Psychologist, encouraging her clients to improve their lives by teaching them effective coping techniques and helping them to change their behavioral patterns. She has done her Bachelors in Psychology from Mumbai University and Masters in Counseling Psychology from S.N.D.T University. She has also completed a certified course in educational assessment & orientation to Remedial Education from Prafulta Psychological Services and UGC Certificate Course from N.K. College of Commerce & Arts Management Studies.

Her professional experience transgresses to various inclusive setup schools dealing with children and Parents expanding it’s horizon to total work experience of 7 years.

In her career, she has helped  & associated with schools such as St. Louis High School, M.A Seth High School, Divine Child High School, Rustomjee Cambridge International school & Podar CIE International High school. 

She has also worked with NGO’s like Humsafar and Kripa foundation.

Furthermore, she was an important part of KidZania Mumbai for 3 years.

She has delivered various training programs and workshops for Children, Parents and Teachers in various schools of Podar at Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, outskirts of Maharashtra and Mumbai.

For her, being a Psychologist is not a Profession, but it’s a life style.

Watch the full video : Importance of Emotional Health for Women | Mrs. Anisha Verma

Importance of Emotional Health for Women | Mrs. Anisha Verma | MHT Conversation

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