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New Mums’ Stressors And Stress Management | Ms. Elisa Cenci | Therapy for Thought – Ep. 11

New Mums’ Stressors And Stress Management | Ms. Elisa Cenci | Therapy for Thought – Ep. 11

This podcast episode with Ms. Elisa Cenci offers some useful and easy technological solutions for stress management to new mums who are coping with the kind of various stressors. The app Happy Chant along with the collaboration with Ms. Cenci has created programmes and guides specially designed for specific situations and feelings of early motherhood, such as sleep problems, unwinding time frames, guilty feelings, anxiety relief, and so on. These guides and programmes are created blending both factual references and records on new mums’ typical obstacles, and the perspective of meditation’s benefits.

Studies have proved that incorporating meditation into our day can help us cope with anxiety, reduce stress, boost our mood and allow us to find a few minutes for ourselves during the new, intense experience of motherhood. Again, although it may sound strange, taking good care of yourself enables you to take better care of your baby, and meditation is a simple, flexible and free tool for you to do so. For the first two years, babies literally channel the moods and rhythms of their primary caregivers, and in addition to helping you cope with the demands of a newborn, meditation can keep you mentally sharp, so it can help you feel more present and attentive when caring for your baby. 

This podcast episode on Therapy for Thoughts focuses on issues such as psychosocial health of women post pregnancy, application of tools on meditation and mindfulness for both: baby and the mother. Find out more about these features in the Happy Chant App

Chanting meditation is specifically very good for beating problems such as insomnia or anxiety, because the vibrations produced when we chant, are massively beneficial for our brain’s health and a mum can also perform a meditation session along with her baby, as it’s been proven that as she relaxes and begins her meditation, the baby calms as well. This is the reason why Happy Chant and Ms. Cenci are working to create some more  guides suitable for both the mother and baby: but to know more about that you can stay in touch with them through Happy Chant’s social media or directly on our app, available both for iOS and Play Store.

About Ms. Elisa Cenci

Elisa is a Neonatal Nurse who studied and worked between Italy and England since 2013, firstly as a volunteer and later on as a professional. She graduated from Nursing in 2015, and soon after she moved to England to work as a neonatal nurse in PCICU and NICU, in Leicester and London. Recently, Elisa moved back to Italy, where now works at Infermi Hospital of Rimini in the NICU. During this time, Elisa got to know deeply the field of neonatal care and all what comes along with it. She started studying the humanisation of cares on premature babies and their families. Not only did she work as a volunteer coordinator for a volunteering group committed to premature and sick newborns health, but she also cooperates constantly with a lot of external operators to work on projects for fresh parenthood and babies’ health. At this very moment, Elisa is teaming up with Happy Chant App to create solutions that combine meditation, mindfulness and nursing.

About Therapy for Thoughts | MHT Podcast

Therapy for Thoughts is a Podcast Series developed by MHT India where we aim at de-stigmatization of mental health, therapy and everything in between. The episodes from this series are dedicated towards creating an awareness amongst listeners by inviting experts from the field and providing a platform for imparting their knowledge and expertise. 

Since therapy and counseling is an ever-evolving field of psychology, MHT India, considers educating and updating listeners regarding the new changes and development in therapy can be beneficial for them in order to seek the right support for their specific needs.

The information shared in these episodes can also be used by budding psychologists. Moreover, you may also directly connect with the speaker psychologist in the many episodes of Therapy of Thought. 

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About MHT Podcast

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