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Digital Resources for Managing Mental Health of Parents of Children with Autism

Parents of children with autism are exposed to mental health challenges such as keeping patience, managing focus and calm, not losing hope as well as depressive and anxious thoughts. When taking care of their child, parents easily neglect their health, especially mental health. 

Moreover, the pandemic has caused additional burden on parents of children with ASD as they can no longer send them for school classes or other activities that they were earlier engaged with. Furthermore, there is no assurity in terms of when things will go back to normal. Amidst such changes, taking care of self before others becomes imperative. 

Managing mental health of parents of children with autism can now be addressed digitally. The pandemic has transformed the digital world especially in terms of healthcare. Keeping that in mind, MHT has compiled a shortlist of several mobile apps that can assist parents of children with Autism in taking good care of their mental health. 

Mind Alcove App

The Mind Alcove App comes with features such as journaling and mood tracking. With the help of journaling and mood tracking, parents of children with autism can understand their moods and emotions better at a go of a click. Upon gaining more awareness about self, one can take better decisions, avoid triggers causing negative moods and thereby improve their quality of life.

Download the app from your PlayStore or AppStore and take better care of your thoughts and emotions whenever parenting gets challenging and cumbersome. 

Eka Meditation App

The benefits of Yoga for mental health cannot be ignored. The app from Eka Meditation focuses on the same. The app focuses on mental and emotional wellbeing and seeks to help its users build a personal yoga practice at home. 

Relieve anxiety and improve sleep with guided programs comprising movement, relaxation, concentration, and meditation.

Happy Chant App

A unique app with features such as chanting, mindfulness and meditation. Since compassion and mental health are more important than ever right now, we came up with the idea of creating a system which helps users cope with stress, anxiety, a lack of concentration and much more. HappyChant is intended to bring positive change to people’s lives, offering a friendly and easy-to-use support system for you to practise the science of chanting mantras and thus, taking care of your mental and physical wellness.

The digital resources for mental health can be useful for parents of children with as well as without autism. Psychological practices such as journaling, mood tracking, chanting, meditation and mindfulness are some healthy habits for good mental health daily. With the help of digital revolution across the globe, practicing these habits has never been easier.

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