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How to deal with your Anxiety with Eka Meditation

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Going through occasional anxiety is a part of normal life; it is how our body responds to stress. But when is it that we should consider this feeling as a red flag?

When the feeling of fear is with you all the time. So much so it begins to interfere with your daily life. When a person has an anxiety disorder they often experience a constant, intense, excessive worry and fear. It is often difficult to control. People begin to avoid situations and places where they feel anxious. 

Symptoms of Anxiety:

  • Nervousness and restlessness
  • An increased heart rate
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Feeling irritated
  • Excessive sweating
  • Trembling 
  • Having problem sleeping
  • Having gastrointestinal problems

No one can detect anxiety by doing a single test. Constant visits to doctors, physical examinations, mental health evaluations, filling up various questionnaires, are needed. Once it has been detected, meeting with a therapist or a psychologist to learn strategies and tools to cope with anxiety is helpful. 

There is no permanent solution for an anxiety disorder. With proper care, therapy and major lifestyle changes it can be brought under control. To help with anxiety The Eka Meditation app has proven to be of great help in this realm. The Eka Meditation has been designed to help relieve anxiety and improve sleep with guided programs comprising movements, relaxation, concentration and meditation. 

How can Eka Meditation help with Anxiety?

Inhale and Exhale:

Everyday take some time off your busy schedule and focus on your breathing. Get into the rhythm of inhaling and exhaling. The Eka Meditation app provides its users with something known as Pranayama or also known as breathing exercises. An individual can easily open this app and follow the instructions given. It will help you feel connected with yourself and calm your anxiety. 


Yoga is an ancient practice that has its origin in India. Just like human beings, it has evolved over time. When an individual who is suffering from anxiety visits a therapist or a psychologist they recommend yoga. Yoga is helped to promote mental and physical well-being. Regular yoga can help increase flexibility and well-being. But most importantly it calms your mind and heart, and improves your sleep quality. The Eka Meditation app provides its users with guided lessons on Asanas in the Hatha Yoga style. It relieves your anxiety and enhances the overall well-being and quality of life. 

Meditation and Chanting:

Before sitting down to meditate choose a mantra. If wanted you could also choose a background music so that it helps you concentrate. The Eka Mediation app also focuses on Chanting and meditation. Start by calming yourself down, get used to the music and begin repeating the mantra. There is no hurry, so take your time and feel the energy and vibrations that you are producing while chanting the mantra repeatedly. It helps you calm down, increases your concentration level and normalises your heart beat.   

Book a therapist:

When you feel that you are experiencing the above mentioned symptoms it is always the best if you talk to someone. In these cases it’s best to talk and get help from a professional. Talking to a therapist or a psychologist can help you understand and discover the root cause of your anxiety. They will also provide tips and strategies on how you can cope with it. The Eka Meditation app also helps individuals to book an appointment with a therapist.  

eka meditation

The Eka Meditation app is available on Play Store and App Store. You can also download it here. If you want to know more about the Eka Meditation app Click here


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