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Online Resources for Good Mental Health during COVID-19

The pandemic caused by Covid – 19 has been an eye-opener for many in terms of recognizing the importance of mental health. It brought many social, psychological, and mental health challenges along with physical health-related issues. From struggling with the lockdown to working from home, living in isolation, maintaining social distance, dealing with grief and loss; many changes and adjustments were faced by the human population. 

One of the highlights of this pandemic was also the importance of mental health. Managing good mental health had become a challenge amidst the chaos, especially in the second wave of COVID-19 in India. 

Accessing support for mental health has also become a challenge due to lockdown as well as the risk associated with coming in contact with COVID – 19 virus. Therefore, taking good mental health care had to be transformed as per the need of the hour.

Online resources such as mobile applications have shown tremendous support in mental health care during the COVID – 19 pandemic. Apps are universal tools and are easily accessible since most of us have a personal smartphone that we can use on a daily basis. Keeping that in mind, access freely the online resources such a digital journaling, yoga, mindfulness, chanting, and more from the featured mobile apps at MHT Store and support good mental health for yourself as well as your dear ones.

Mind Alcove App

mind alcove - autism - asd

The Mind Alcove App comes with online resources for good mental health such as journaling and mood tracking. With the help of journaling and mood tracking, individuals can easily understand and acknowledge their moods and emotions better at a go. Upon gaining more awareness about self, one can make better decisions, avoid triggers causing negative moods in this pandemic and thereby improve their quality of life even while staying at home

Download the app from your PlayStore or AppStore and take better care of your thoughts and emotions whenever transitions, such as the pandemic, occur in your life. Download the App now

Eka Meditation App

eka meditation - autism - anxiety

The benefits of Yoga for mental health cannot be ignored, especially in this pandemic. The app from Eka Meditation focuses on Yoga as an online resource for good mental health.

The app focuses on mental and emotional wellbeing and seeks to help its users build a personal yoga practice at home. Relieve anxiety and improve sleep caused by COVID-19 stressors with guided programs comprising movement, relaxation, concentration, and meditation. Download the App now.

Happy Chant App

autism - Happy Chant App - caregiver mental health - Insomnia - coronavirus

A unique app with features such as chanting, mindfulness and meditation. Mindfulness is a mindful term. It can be defined as a state of nonjudgemental awareness of what is happening in the present moment, inclusive of complete awareness of one’s own thoughts, feelings and senses. 

Some of the benefits of practising Mindfulness routinely include;

  • Decreased Stress
  • Increased emotion regulation and self-control
  • Enhanced resilience in children
  • Enhanced mental health and functioning

During this time of COVID-19 pandemic, where anxiety, stress and even depression is on its way to rise, here is an app with many mindfulness exercises that you can try at home. Download the App now

The online resources for good mental health can be useful for anyone and everyone who has been facing psychological disturbances during COVID – 19. Good mental health habits such as journaling, mood tracking, chanting, meditation and mindfulness are some evidence based psychological practises that can significantly improve emotional wellbeing. With the help of digital revolution across the globe, practising these habits has never been easier.  

 Photo Credits : Verywell Mind

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