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How can MHT Support you during the pandemic? – Team MHT

The second wave of COVID-19 pandemic has caused multiple traumatic events. A major population of India is also currently experiencing challenging emotions such as helplessness, hopelessness, loneliness, loss, and grief. As a mental health platform, supporting the psychological and emotional wellbeing of Indians is one of the major pillars of Mental Health Today and its team.

Resources in the form of tools, self-help skills, support groups, contact details of mental health professionals as well as mental health supplementary products (eg: anxiety blanket) can be found at the Mental Health Today website. And this is exactly what the core team members at MHT would like to share about with the viewers.

Find more details of MHT Support Group

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to deal with things alone and it feels that all the burden is only on our own shoulders. It is exactly at such times that we require support from people around us the most. But where to get this support without the fear of being judged?

Welcome to MHT support group!

You create your own safe space! MHT intends to provide a platform to create a support system where each of us can feel belonged and share our experiences to get through psychosocial issues like stress, anxiety, anger, depression, and many more.

Join MHT Support Group Today : https://mentalhealthtoday.co.in/support-group/

Find more details on MHT Workshops

The workshop will be based on constructs of positive psychology for schools as well as work institutes. Topics covered under the same will be based on age groups focusing on psychological concepts such as motivation, self-help skills for better mental health, kindness, gratitude, and resilience.

Send our Team an email: support@mentalhealthtoday.co.in

Find more details on MHT Store

The MHT Store brings to you a unique set of resources for various mental health conditions, psychological wellbeing as well as emotional development. From a range of journals to affirmative cards and goodies to also range of natural supplements, explore what supports your needs best.

Visit MHT Store Today: https://mentalhealthtoday.co.in/buy-products/

Watch the Full Video: How can MHT Support you during the pandemic? – Team MHT | MHT Conversation

Find more details on MHT Collaborations

If you are mental health professional or an activist in this field, join the mission of mental health awareness with MHT collaboration. Reach out for blogs, podcasts as well as webinars in collaboration with the MHT community of 8000 and more members!! For future collaborations, send us an email and our team members will connect with you: support@mentalhealthtoday.co.in

About the Speakers

Ms. Haveesha Buddhdev

Mindful Parenting - Haveesha Buddhdev - Sveekriti - MHT Live - webinar

Ms.Haveesha Buddhdev, founder of Sveekrti is a counseling psychologist, REBT therapist, and special educator.
She is working as a School Psychologist for the past 3 years.

Her expertise is in dealing with special needs children, training teachers, parents, and other students to make a safe environment for everyone at school and home.
She practices part-time to provide counseling to adults for any adjustment, stress, or emotional concerns and teaches special needs children. She wishes to reach out to as many as possible to encourage everyone to talk about their mental health.

Mrs. Rajika Mehra

Completing her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Mumbai and practising as a certificated RECBT psychologist, made her question the underreporting of mental disorders in India. Since the past 5 years, she has been working with many mental health professionals in hope to create a community that is supportive of mental health and acceptance in its core. 

For any further information about Mrs. Rajika Mehra, click here.

Ms. Seema Jaiswal

Seema Jaiswal | Founding Partner at Mental Health Today

After pursuing psychology and mental health studies from the prestigious college, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and King’s College London, she yearned to spread awareness about various mental health issues.

Years of research and clinical experience in the field of mental health has enabled her to create this extensive platform, Mental Health Today a.k.a MHT, and disseminate useful information for the well being of society suffering from various mental health issues.

Apps | MHT Store

About Eka Meditation App

Stress, depression, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, loneliness, anger, grief, lack of focus, fear, mood swings, sadness, sleeplessness, self-doubt – all stem from the body and the mind.

Since we all are in a lock-down, exploring the features of yoga from home can be a go to self-help resource for people across different age groups.

Download Eka Meditation App from Play Store or App Store and join in the world of mental and emotional wellbeing

About Mind Alcove App

mind alcove - autism - asd

Explore the new age of journaling, i.e, digital journaling with Mind Alcove App – A comfortable, friendly, and private space for your mind. You can write everything about your life in this one space, for your unique journaling needs

Customized Journals:

📕 Gratitude Journal – Your gratitude list and affirmations

📗 Learning Journal – Your daily learning and insights

📘 Dream Journal – Record your dreams and interpret them in your words.

📙 One Line a Day – Capture your thoughts in just one line

Some of the benefits of practising these habits using a mood-o-meter can lead to managing mood swings better, developing more habits that reinforces good mood and substituting or eliminating habits that lead to negative emotions. Explore the Mood-o-Meter feature from the Mind Alcove App today. 

About Happy Chant App

Happy Chant - Insomnia

This podcast episode on Therapy for Thoughts focuses on issues such as psychosocial health of individuals experiencing grief and loss. The tools on meditation and mindfulness for both: the grieving and the caregiver. Find out more about these features in the Happy Chant App.

Chanting meditation is specifically very good for beating problems such as insomnia or anxiety, because the vibrations produced when we chant, are massively beneficial for our brain’s health, as it’s been proven that as one relaxes and begins her meditation, the brain and body calms as well. To know more about the app, you can stay in touch with them through Happy Chant’s social media or directly on our app, available both for iOS and Android for free.

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